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  1. Kobra

    R.I.P Chi Cheng 1970-2013

    Another death in the music family. He got into a car accident that rendered him in a coma 5 years ago and he unexpectedly died in his coma yesterday. The best thing you can do for his family is listen to the music he made and make best wishes for his family on Facebook or Twitter or hop on this...
  2. Kobra

    Gamecube Konquest Shao Kahn/Goro training

    Is there any Shao Kahn/Goro training in Konquest mode? If so please state it.
  3. Kobra

    Scorpion and Sub-Zero roleplaying oddities

    Me and my friend just beat the game yesterday and I just got it yesterday. When me and him unlocked Scorpion and Sub-Zero we were excited to play as them, although Scorpion and Sub-Zezo in cutscenes were funny to watch. I don't remember Scorpion saying: "You're Beautiful". :lol: Sub-Zero...
  4. Kobra

    While playing Single Player....

    Would it bug you that you couldn't unlock those secrets or fight those hidden characters? I would and that's why I'm inviting my friend over next weekend. To unlock those secrets. But I hope that Scorpion isn't unlocked through Ko-Op or I would be pissed.
  5. Kobra

    You know you've been playing to much MK:D when...

    I love topics like this, just look at the title and you'll know what to do. I'll start. 1. You start to see people walk through walls 2. You punch your friend and his nose bleeds and you say "Fatality!" 3. You try to vanish using a smoke grenade and you start coughing 4. You fall on your...
  6. Kobra

    Cheap fun!

    Heh this loser its me bigdaddy always chosed scorpion and kept losing to my Darkside Dairou over and over. Heh easy wins. He was being cheap to me first, so he got what he asked for.
  7. Kobra

    MK2 Kombo Video

    You should see it it's amazing. I love the roundhouse and Shang Tsung morph combos.
  8. Kobra

    Theme music for MKD Characters

    Take actual songs like from a band and see what songs fits what character. Kobra-Rage Against the Machine - How I could just kill a man Scorpion-Our Lady Peace - Whatever Kabal-Rage Against the Machine - Calm like a Bomb
  9. Kobra

    Goro's and Shao Khans Fatalites and Hara-Kiries

    Well since it's a week away from the gamecube release, what do you think Goro's and Shao Kahn's fatalites are going to be? Come on people be creative! I want to at least see a couple of paragraphs and a title (oh my god my english teacher is getting to me. :x ) describing the...
  10. Kobra

    Funny Golden Desert Fatality gltich

    I was playing Arcade on hard yesterday and I was playing has Sub-Zero. I inputted his 2nd fatality code and it ends up that Sub-Zero was performing a fatality on nothing, but I looked behind him and saw Baraka backing up from nothing while Sub-Zero is walking the other way and then Sub-Zero...
  11. Kobra

    Goro's and Shao Khan's Alt Costumes and Bios

    Have you seen them? I like Shao Kahn's better, he looks more badass then his primary costume. Here are the bios if you haven't seen them: Goro's Alt Bio: "Shao Khan found me near death upon the battlefield. Though he was not wearing his armor, I recognized his voice, it was truly him. He...
  12. Kobra

    Favorite Fighting music in MKD

    What is your most favorite composed music in MKD? And why? 1. Lower Mines (Very well done I must say. Like the composer said the drums makes it worthwhile to fight to.) 2. Slaughterhouse Jive (Rock on, I love fighting to this music) 3. Arcade Select (Very Moody and Techno) 4. Bettle Lair (I...
  13. Kobra

    Ermac's Alt Costume

    The guide saids it's in A-8 in Netherrealm, well I'm in A-8 no sign of the chest. Is there a time/month/day altercation that i'm not knowing about?
  14. Kobra

    Character and Stage locations

    If anyone can point out the character and stage locations, that would be much appeciated.
  15. Kobra

    Live baby live!

    Well, I just had my first match with a guy named CrystalTank. I got my ass handed to me 3 times, no problem I only just had the game for a day. He used Nightwolf as usual, some matches he used Scorpion, but he really sucked as him, so I whopped his ass with Pai Mei. Then he went back to...
  16. Kobra

    Whats your Favorite Stage?

    For me it would be the beetle lair, overall cool design and you can make your opponent go through a brick wall! Yin-Yang Island is kinda funny actually. I llike it how you battle your oppoent with that tropical music.
  17. Kobra

    Scorpion's and Hotaru's Hara-Kiris

    Judging by Scorpions second fatality and Hotaru's first fataility, it seems to me that they mixed up there hara-kiris. Anyone agree?