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    Let's talk Cosplay.

    The SEES armband came today!
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    Let's talk Cosplay.

    The vest for my Aki cosplay came in the mail today Now all I need is the wig and the armband.
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    I got a Vader sticker for my car the other day, I love it.
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    What do you collect?

    I have recently gotten my hands on the Persona 3 art book, its fvcking beautiful Also I got a check for 40 dollars as a late birthday gift from my aunt, and I saw a SEES armband on a cosplay site along with the Persona 4 art book on Amazon, so I already know what that's going to be spent on.
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    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

    I'm super hyped for this. The first game had tons of replayabilty, so this game will not be a disappointment. There's only one problem...
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    Games from your childhood

    I forgot to add this game
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    Mad Max: The Game

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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Best motherfvcking gift I ever got
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    Star Wars: Battlefront

    When this game was annonced at the EA conference, I legit dropped my IPhone and stood there with my jaw dropped. I'm super hyped for this game.
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    My Mercer jacket-
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    Bioshock Infinite

    This book, Fvcking beautiful.
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    Battlefield 4

    Game looks pretty amazing. Personally I find Battlefield more entertaining than COD, and I'm excited for this game. hFPoOxDUr5s
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    Rate the last game you played

    Come here to rate the game that you previously played Medal of Honor: Warfighter 3/10 Probaly the most boring crap I've played in a while.
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    Comic book and Manga thread

    Hey Nemesis I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but there making a sequel to Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe
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    Action Figures and Other Toys

    I'm not much of a collecter, but I would love to get my hands on this
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    The GTA Thread

    I searched through the forums to see if we have a thread dedicated to GTA, didn't find one so I decided to make one. Now to me GTA is one of the best gaming series ever created, I've played almost all of them (excluding the first and second ones, and the London Missions and the one on the...
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    The Last Stand

    Trailer- Now I'm defenitly seeing this film because I'm a HUGE Schwarzenegger fan, and it looks pretty badass.
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    Far Cry 3

    This game is fvcking epic. If you don't have it go pick it up, it's totally worth a buy.