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  1. NS922

    MKX Scorpion wallpaper

    My first MK-related piece of art in a long time
  2. NS922

    Far Cry 4

    OH F*** Release Date: November 18th, 2014 Developer: Ubisoft Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, 360, and PS3
  3. NS922

    RIAK- How you want me to

    Horror, comedy, confusion, and "music" mixed into one great video
  4. NS922

    Scorpion's Illegal Adventure

    Today I decided that I would begin my own MK story. As you (should) know, I am already very accomplished in the art of render editing and signature making. Now I shall bestow upon thee a magical readable tale of thievery, prostitution, evading police, and other fine illegal acts that will be...
  5. NS922

    NS922's Sigs and Such

    I recently made some MK character signatures in my trusty program GIMP. Use them if you want, but please upload them onto your own image site so that my photobucket account does not exceed its bandwith. I should be making more soon. However, don't throw detailed requests at me, that can be done...
  6. NS922

    Darrius Concept

    Similar to the concept I created for Drahmin, this is a render I made in GIMP for an unappreciated character. I think Darrius could be worked into an interesting character if given the time.
  7. NS922

    Drahmin Concept

    Drahmin is a character that I believe is greatly unappreciated, so I decided to make some Drahmin art (in GIMP, as always).
  8. NS922

    Scorpion Render Remake

    Using my trusted art companion GIMP, I have recreated Scorpion's versus pose. It took me a loooong time to get everything right, but I have finally arrived at a finished product. This was a one-time thing, and I don't plan on making any more of these, so I won't be taking any requests. This...
  9. NS922

    The Magic of the Start Button

    The start button is a magnificent thing for MK2011. It has a few somewhat hidden uses of which I will tell you. Press start button when selecting a character to bring up their costume select. You can choose from Costume 1, 2, and Classic (if available). Then, if you press start to select a...
  10. NS922

    Favorite/Least Favorite Fatalities

    What are your favorite fatalities, and what are your least favorites? My favorite is Scorpion's second fatality. It's very unique and original, and it makes sense for Scorpion. My least favorite is CSZ's first. He jumps on the victim like the wife of a returning soldier, and blows the victim up...
  11. NS922

    My Character Edits

    Here are some character edits that I recently made in GIMP: Non-scarred Kabal Classic Noob Saibot Human Cyrax Hornbuckle
  12. NS922

    Noob Fatality

  13. NS922

    Mainstream Music

    I don't like it. Most of it is annoying and gets on my nerves. It even gets to the point where I feel like taking a mainstream artist and beating their brains out with a shoe. Sort of like a roach. :)