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    just some general questions.

    hay guys, i have not been here in a while because too many spoilers were out before the game anyways. just curious about a few things here. 1.what do you think happened to noob in graveyard during story mode. 2.has anyone figured out any secrets. ( eg the toasty guy came out after uppercuting...
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    stryker news

    not sure if anyones posted this or not but its on ign now
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    3d tvs and mortal kombat

    hay guys just would like to bring this topic up to see what people are thinking. Are 3d tvs worth buying for now? I know its new tech and all. I personally would want to wear the glasses all the time watching tv. But what about with mortal kombat 9? Would it be worth buying one for that game? Im...
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    Should mk 9 have focus attacks?

    what do you guys think? considering there is dashing, think there should be focus attacks, for combos or whatever else in mortal kombat 9. Go
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    whats gonna happen next on themortalkombat site

    so now that mileena has won for the month on the, and we have seen 4 of here videos. Do you think they should reset the numbers some how so people can try and make say like shao khan # 1. I seen that they have not even added the two videos into mileenas locked slots yet on the...
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    Pre ordering Kollectors Edtion In Canada

    I know there has been a lot of pre order threads i just need to know whats going on here. So since i live in Canada, I can as a shopper order the original game from but Not the kollectors or Tournament edition. Now I went to a Eb games near were i live and they basically told me the...
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    A new vote for Mortal kombat ( lets Win this one too ) Maybe if we get a chance to win this ed will treat us what do you think?
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    hecters fav fatalities

    here it is the top 5 for him
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    Kitana Win pose here it is in the middle screen. enjoy
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    reptile needs something ok guys if you have not seen reptiles fatality here it is. As cool as it is i have a nit pick. him spitting on anyone with a mask is gonna look stupid you cant tell whats happening to the guy getting killed. Its great when you would do it against...
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    scorpion 2nd fatality enjoy
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    new ed boon interview 10/26/10 just an article but some interesting info.
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    If Noob S. is in the game what is his Moveset

    hay guys just wondering what people think if noob is in the game, what his move set would be? especially now that its back to 2d graphics. I know there is a lot of talk about him and subzero from that bio and all and i don't want a big debate. But what would people think if noob had some freeze...