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  1. Raynestorm

    Alien KombatKast

    This Thursday.... Certainly made my balls tighten! Can't wait!! As much as I'm hyped about the Alien I do hope we get to see another stage fatality!
  2. Raynestorm

    Brutalities you want patched in.

    As the thread title suggests which brutalities would you like to see patched in? I'll start... Kitana - Kitana performs her Princess Parry and repeatedly stabs the opponent to death. - Kitana performs her enhanced fan toss and the 2nd fan sticks into the opponents throat. Mileena...
  3. Raynestorm

    Bo Rai Cho KombatKast

    Thursday 18th 4p.m CST. Get hype everybody!
  4. Raynestorm

    Klassic Fatalities Pack 2