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  1. ermacsdshit

    Your DLC Character Endings (for fun)

    I thought it would be interesting to see what characters people want for dlc, and what ending you would prefer for them, it can be canon or non-canon. Fujin After the Elder Gods found out Raiden had used time travel to defeat Shao Kahn, something that could only be done with the Elder Gods...
  2. ermacsdshit

    Anyway to change name?

    I've grown tired of my user name, is there any way to change it? Plus i dont really think ermacs d shit anymore since he got owned so many times in story mode
  3. ermacsdshit

    KOH Problem

    This has happened many times to me. I'll be in a mtach in KOH and all of the sudden it says "session is no longer available" and kicks me out of the room. Then wouldn't you know it i have another disconnect added on to my stats. This last time it happened, I didn't leave, and I'm pretty sure the...
  4. ermacsdshit

    Tips for Raiden players

    Ok guys, I keep hearing people talk about how hard it is to time raidens teleport to electocute in his 11 Hits 40% combo Jump Punch, 3, 3, 4, Teleport, Electrocute, 2, Vicinity Blast, Dash in, 3, 3, Electric Fly.This is one of his most standard & damaging combos but if your like me and alot of...
  5. ermacsdshit

    Kabals Ending Costume

    I just unlocked Kabals ending and all i have to ask is, why the hell isn't this Kabals alternate costume? They should definatley give him a look more like this in the next game i think.
  6. ermacsdshit

    Breakers should use 1 bar

    who else thinks that breakers should use up 1 bar and super moves should use up 2. whats the point when nobody wants to use up that much of the super meter, because they always save for the xray. if it used 1 then in three rounds you could use like 4 breakers and still pull of an xray maybe. so...
  7. ermacsdshit

    Ermacs a puss this time(alot of spoilers)

    didn't ermac use to be a bad ass, i mean in his ending for deception it said he took on like five people at a time with ease, so lui kang could free their souls or whatever right? but now he loses like 4 times. once to lui kang witch is understandable him being the champ in all. but he loses to...
  8. ermacsdshit

    chapter select in story mode

    they need to ad it, because after i beat the story i wanted to go back and play certain chapters but i can't. I have to play the whole thing from the beginning witch sucks imo. all these reviews say they need to be able to skip cut scenes, i don't think that's really a big deal but if you can go...
  9. ermacsdshit

    Mortal Kombat Gets 10 Guinness World Records hope this isn't old news
  10. ermacsdshit

    *Spoiler* what kintaro should look like

    well guys, i'm going to have to be another one of those people obssesing over some small detail in a character design, and showing you what i would change. with kintaro its his nose, it just seems weird to me, it doesn't look like a tiger nose. it just looks like a little black ball, and i think...
  11. ermacsdshit

    Dragon and Unknown Character on could the dragon be from lui kangs fatality and who is that character on the screen?
  12. ermacsdshit

    DLC Thought

    I was thinking that it would be cool if they added new chapters to the story. We can mostly agree Rain is going to be the first DLC character, but instead of just being able to play as him, they made him his own chapter, it wouldn't be in the original story obviously, but you could still choose...
  13. ermacsdshit

    MK and Gears at top of March 2011 Most Anticipated Chart

    MK and Gears at top of Most Anticipated Chart mortal kombat is above, mass effect 3, uncharted 3, bioshock infinate, infamous 2, batman, fear 3, and battlefield 3. thats awesome