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  1. Ethix

    The drum and the trumpet: the beat.

    Posted a story, yes, but I haven't fully revised it: give me a few minutes. I'll post it up here, soon. Why won't this place let me delete it?
  2. Ethix

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    Holy hell, amazing: May 10, 2006 - Nintendo just pulled a fast one at us. At an after-hours press briefing, the company pulled another ace out of its hat: Smash Bros. Brawl. We have confirmed the following playable characters: # Pit (Kid Icarus) # Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid) # Zero Suit...
  3. Ethix

    Of Red. (Evangelion fic. Rated M.)

    I was a bit bored on Sunday, and during church had an idea for a quick Eva fiction to get my creative juices flowing after watching End of Evangelion and the final Eva episode again last night. I practically wrote most of this during the hour during church and the additional hour at Denny's...
  4. Ethix

    Stephen Colbert tackles the government, on C-Span!

    It doesn't really show people's reactions, much, but wow, Colbert totally rips apart most everyone in there; and it's hilarious. I can just imagine how Bush must feel after all of that. He doesn't let anyone get away from him this time, and it's almost, if not more, impressive than Stewart's...
  5. Ethix

    X 3 teaser trailer. I saw a few new Mutants in there, some are already on the webpage as Xmen like Beast, Callisto, Angel, and Kitty Pryde, but I also saw Juggernaut in there with Magneto. I'm not too sure about his costume, though, but I didn't get too good a look at it...
  6. Ethix

    X3 Teaser Trailer. It's going to be a war, baby. I saw a few new Mutants in there, some are already on the webpage as Xmen like Beast, Callisto, Angel, and Kitty Pryde, but I also saw Juggernaut in there with Magneto. I'm not too sure about his costume, though, but I...
  7. Ethix

    And you thought Mary Kate and Ashley were evil...

    The Article. I got this off another board I go to. When I first saw that topic and saw that picture of them, I thought that they'd just be another set of twins bent on world domination through starring in bad tv shows and marketing crappy products. When I read the article, however, I saw it...
  8. Ethix

    Interstella 55555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. "An unscrupulous music executive and his flunky kidnap an alien, blue-skinned techno band, rob them of their identities, pass them off as human, and foist them on an unsuspecting public on Earth. After their arrival and their impact on the human population...
  9. Ethix

    Is anyone else getting this problem?

    Almost everytime I click a link on the boards (IE: reply, go to the main page, etc.) I get this blank white page with the text: "© 1996-2005 Realm Media Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved." on it. It's getting really annoying and is preventing me from being able to load most of the pages without...
  10. Ethix

    More game-to-movie goodness: Dead or Alive.

    Ooh my, God! This movie looks as bad, if not worse, than the Bloodrayne flick did. I'm not doubting the fighting will be mediocre, at best, (the director is apparently pretty good at fighting scenes) but the story is what I'm worrying about the most. I mean, look at the casting! They look A.)...
  11. Ethix


    I have no clue how I got this result, but I like it, I really - really do.
  12. Ethix

    New sig in approximatley 4 and a half months.

    I'm rusty as hell and I was just testing out some stuff in Photoshop CS. So, think of it as a test sig. It's brushing upon brushing, basically.
  13. Ethix

    George A. Romero's "Land of the Dead".

    This movie looks great. It's also not a sequel to last year's "Dawn of the Dead" it's a sequel to the original "Dead" series, by GEORGE A. ROMERO, the original director of the "Dead" series. He's such a good director and I just can't wait for this movie. Another week or two until it's released...
  14. Ethix

    "The Hourless Room."

    It's pretty shitty, but hey, what do I care? Only took me half an hour to think up and write. Read on. I wrote five other short stories, but I didn't really like the rest and this was my shortest one; so I posted it.
  15. Ethix

    BloodRayne movie (Ooh the horror!).

    I stumbled upon this by accident, and when I saw it, damn...just no. See for yourselves...Bloodrayne will never recover from this, never. God-Awful movie poster, showing the sexy Kristanna Loken as a not so sexy Bloodrayne.
  16. Ethix

    Jin splash.

    I was screwing around in PS a few weeks ago, trying out some new brushes I had both made and found. Either way, I got this, so in honor of this awesome show coming to Adult Swim on Saturday. Here's my shit-tacular splash. =/
  17. Ethix

    Frank Miller's Sin City. <-- IMDB Page. <--Trailers <-- Info on the comics it was based off of. I can't believe a thread for this awesome looking movie hasn't surfaced yet...
  18. Ethix

    "Mechanical [Distortia]."

    This one doesn't look quite finished, but eh, I was rushing it and it's only a 15 minute job, mainly trying to brush and color balance. Font sucks, I know, was just put in there to take up some of the the negative space. Once again, no render. Just a sig I made from it:
  19. Ethix

    New Abstract Graphic.

    No idea what it was supposed to look like, but it does look a bit like an explosion. Eh, yeah. Anyone who knows Photoshop: 1 layer of brushing. 'Difference Clouds' over it with 'soft light' over it. Then messed with color balance and brightness, etc.
  20. Ethix

    V For Vendetta movie. Directed by the Wachowski brothers, marvelous. =/ I loved this graphic novel, one of my favorite comics of all time. I just hope the two brothers don't mess it up. Still, I hope it's good, I really do. V was so awesome. Ooh, and if that isn't enough to wet...