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  1. Ripp3r2xk

    My friend CAN'T join me in Mk

    Okay, yesterday my two friends and I were trying to do a private king of the hill match but for some weird reason one friend couldnt join. We took turns being host and inviting him. We tried challenging 1 vs 1 but the "match couldn't be found", we even join a chat room to challenge him but he...
  2. Ripp3r2xk

    Pre order

    Can I still pre order at gamestop or toys rus n guarantee a game???
  3. Ripp3r2xk

    Best Buy NYC Midnight Release!!!

    Okay, I dont know if this has been mention before but I called and e-mailed a few stores in the city and they told me to check at the store in Union Square since is Best Buy\'s ONLY 24-hour store! I called and the manager told me it hasnt been announced yet but it should be up on their website...
  4. Ripp3r2xk

    Avatar Marketplace

    Avatar Marketplace - April 19th Hopefully we get a lot of cool stuff, it be the first time I buy a complete costume.
  5. Ripp3r2xk

    Anyone has a spare Klassic skin to SELL me?

    ^Title^ I buy it from anyone the first day you get the code OR (If anyone bought twice from Best Buy) can I just get it? If not, let's stay with the first option and if you have a spare Reptile/Ermac I'll buy too =) Can someone tell me if they're going to have them on DLC or Krypt?
  6. Ripp3r2xk

    Assassin's Creed in MK??

    I was playing Assassins Creed:Brotherhood and I was thinking he would be a really great choice for MK, IF we ever were to get any type of exclusive or DLC for Xbox/Ps3. I played all 3 games and it could be both Ezio Auditore/Altair (Alt Costume). Opinions?
  7. Ripp3r2xk

    NO Gears Exclusive Character

    I dont know if this was confirmed but here it goes: therealcliffyb Cliff Bleszinski "@Kaylila: you guys ever succed in getting a Gears Character as the X360 exclusive in the new Mortal Kombat?" Nope, we were too late. We kinda knew that it was obvious that there was no MK Xbox exclusive...
  8. Ripp3r2xk

    Gamestop Pre order - scorpion code

    Can someone who pre order te game at gamestop receive the code for the classic skin/fatality
  9. Ripp3r2xk

    Mortal Kombat Xbox Avatar

    Can't wait to buy the sub-zero and scorpion for my avatar, does anyone have a picture of the Kung Lao avatar.
  10. Ripp3r2xk

    Best Buy Midnight release?

    This is my first time buying a game at best buy because of Sub-zero. Is there a chance of a Best buy midnight release/have they ever had a midnight release for a game? What about picking the game a day earlier?