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  1. docmighty

    Really strange and ironic Classic Smoke glitch just happened...

    I was watching my friend play, he wanted to test out the TE stick, and I was telling him about all the hidden stuff in the game. We decided to venture out for the Classic Character fights...getting Classic Smoke on a random try. Mind you my friend had Ermac in his Classic Costume. As he was...
  2. docmighty

    Fatality Friday: MKCast Episode 2 Part 2 of 4

    Saw this on their FB, looks new but I'm so lazy to check the other ones released to verify after typing all this...:reddy:
  3. docmighty

    Character Revelation Thread

    I haven't checked any other threads cause I just woke up so I don't know if this was posted elsewhere....but did anyone notice in the background of Kahn's arena it shows what looks to be that character they teased us with during that vote for Shao Kahn as the baddest villian thing?? Advance...