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  1. dp spandisk parafan

    the preload should have started but it didn´t

    The title says everything.... I cannot really stand it... I´ve been checking like all the last week, and now it was supposed to start It didn´t... MEGA DISSAPOINTING.... I´m hating NRS and the PSSTORE now....
  2. dp spandisk parafan

    Order your roster

    We know almost all the roster, so I think it´s time to know which are the faves and which are the hated.... SO, order the roster from 1 to 2.. (1 is your fave char) (I include only the totally confirmed chars NO ERRON, NO LIU KANG) This is mine: 1. Kitana 2. Cassie 3. Mileena 4. Kotal Kahn 5...
  3. dp spandisk parafan

    Top 5 loved, top 5 hated

    I was wondering who are the most hated and loved ones for everyone here, so make your list and let's the battle begin! Top loved: 1 Kitana 2 Sonya 3 SubZ 4 Scorpion 5 Reptile/ Tanya Top hated: 1 Raiden 2 Kano 3 Shang Tsung 4 Rain 5 Kira
  4. dp spandisk parafan

    Choose your faction!

    I just wanted to know which is the most popular faction.. so tell me, when the game is out, what faction will you choose???
  5. dp spandisk parafan

    Do you think mkx will be available on psstore?

    I haven't pre ordered the game on Amazon because i prefer to download it the first day on the play station Store, but I haven't found it available yet, and I can't see all ps4 games neither.... Do you think it will be as a 1st day download game?
  6. dp spandisk parafan

    D´vorah replaces Mileena

    Yes, as you read.... looking today at kano´s reveal trailer i found D´vorah has Mileena´s roll move.... (Look at 1:45) Remember MKVSDC when Kitana borrowed that move and Mileena didn´t appear And, we also know Kotal is the new emperor while Mileena should be.... that could mean she´s dead or...
  7. dp spandisk parafan

    Mezco Action Figures

    Well, it seems we are getting Mortal Kombat X action figures for 2015