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    What is ur most awkward moment?

    Mine is when I was trying to talk to my gf about something important while she was masterbaiting to me XD what's ur's and be mature about it lol.
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    When you play against a boss with Shang tsung,can he transform into that boss?
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    No xbox exclusive?

    I don't know about you guys but I think the xbox edition isn't going to get any kind of a BIG exclusive. I'm not really mad about it because I'm to excited for the game itself but it would of been a nice addition. Let me know what you guys think is going to happen and for THE LOVE OF GOD plz...
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    3 Versions of the Rooftops?!?

    I dont know if any 1 else has seen this but there seems to actually be 3 versions of the rooftops,not 2..The videos that are posted shows what they look like if you watch the entire thing..sorry about not having any pics =( 1st version-The 1st version of the rooftops we seen..everything is...
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    Brand new characters u want

    In this thread i would like to hear your guyzess ideas of what would make cool new characters for future mortal kombats. they cant be any worse then the ones their coming out with coughcoughmokapcoughcough..any way lol a character i would like to see is a muscular death metal looking knight with...
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    New moves you would like to see for your favorite characters

    For me, I would like to see Stryker pull out a riot shield and have 2 commands to go with it which would be either to deflect a special move or ram the opponet :)(but only a couple of feet of a maxium reach):) Another move I would like to see is for Ermac which what he would do is throw jelly...