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  1. Last_Starfighta

    Movie of the Year 2017

    Now that all of the notable movies have been released for the year, what's everyone's pick for their favorite of 2017? My pick for movie of the year goes to Atomic Blonde. It was the perfect blend of style and substance. The scenes were neon lit but still felt gritty. Some of the best...
  2. Last_Starfighta

    TRMK Injustice Tournament

    Anyone interested? I'm guessing the platform would be PS4 since most of you guys already got it for free through psn. No set date right now, just gauging the forum's interest. Let's resurrect this game! Anyone know how to edit the title?
  3. Last_Starfighta

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Harley Quinn trailer was released a few days ago. Can't wait to see the Red Hood in action. This game can't come out soon enough! Batgirl looks f#%kin tough!
  4. Last_Starfighta

    TRMK MKX Online Tournament

    It's time to get the competitive juices flowing in this place. There's too much talking going on around here. So, I'm looking to set up an online tournament for ps4 members. I want to get at least 8 participants but if I can get more I'll work with that. Right now, I'm thinking best out of 5...
  5. Last_Starfighta

    Character Crisis

    For the first time in fighting game history, I'm having a hard time selecting a main character. I'm still trying to figure out how exactly do I want to play this game. I initially went with Kitana because I thought her Assassin variation would have more of a rushdown play style. Assassin does...
  6. Last_Starfighta

    D'vorah mains, where ya at?

    No one on this board is talking about D'vorah. Where are you guys? Let's talk about gameplay!
  7. Last_Starfighta

    Cassie has a vortex!

    Basically, MB nut punch gives you so much advantage that it forces your opponent to block your oncoming attack. There isn't anything they can do about it. Cassie has really good overhead/low starter so it's pretty much a guessing game for your opponent. You could get a better combo off her...
  8. Last_Starfighta

    I need help connecting my PS4 to the Internet

    I've been trying to connect my ps4 to the net since "black thursday" with no luck. I keep getting error code NW-31456-9 which states that the servers are down which doesn't make sense because this doesn't seem to be a widespread problem, so I don't know what's going on. Can anyone help?
  9. Last_Starfighta

    You can't be serious?!?!?

    What a bunch of d#%kheads!!
  10. Last_Starfighta

    Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman in the next "Man of Steel" film

    So, what do you guys think? Can she pull it off? Honestly, I'm not feeling this at all. Why can't we get a Wonder Woman with some muscle? I'm tired of these skinny Maxin 100 b#%ches.
  11. Last_Starfighta

    Favorite/Memorable IGAU tournament matches

    Here's mine.... Intense from start to finish.
  12. Last_Starfighta

    Join the Fight against Noob Hunters!

    All noobs rejoice!!!! I will be your guardian!!!!! So, I recently created a new PSN account in order to track down and annihilate people who prey on noobs. I go into a lobby and wait until someone with a good record or over 200 games challenges me. The funny thing is, MOST of the people who...
  13. Last_Starfighta

    Batman: The Dark Knight

    First of all, let me be the first to admit that I am NOT the best Batman player on this forum. I'm sure there are a few people here who are more qualified to make this guide than myself. My purpose for stepping up is to spark the ignition, to light the fire, to get the creative juices flowing...
  14. Last_Starfighta

    No love for Lex?

    Where's the love? Seriously, does anyone play with this guy? Out of 500+ matches, I have yet to fight a single Lex. What's the problem? Is he too complicated? Style too boring? Too weak? Crappy character design? What's the reason?