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  1. bigb0ned

    can nrs include fatality dlc's?

    i know nrs said they will give us more characters, but can they increase the capabilities of the existing characters? or will that have to be a huge update for the game's existing memory sake?
  2. bigb0ned

    Kano's missing special move...

    So far i have noticed that Kano doesnt have his laser eye beam as a special move.. how in the hell did they not include that? I also dont like how quan chi doesnt run on you when he pounces on you from up top. Did anyone else notice any missing moves by other players?
  3. bigb0ned

    Sound and speed!!!

    i love how although this game is super fast, the life meter drains at a nice pace. not like in mk 1 and 2 where a few uppercuts would kill the opponent. this gives the player to retaliate and have a shift in momentum. SOUND IS KEY! i think sound is the number one key to making or braking a...
  4. bigb0ned

    shang tsung moves?

    anyone think you could morph into all of the players and do all of their moves with shang tsung? like in mk 3. or would that mean that the game file would have to be incredibly large for that? (i no nothing of writing programs or whatever it takes to make a video game)
  5. bigb0ned

    No more mirror matches!

    i dont know about any one elses thoughts on fighting the same character, but i personally hated when a friend of mine would chose the same character as me with fighting games, especially mk. i dont remember if it was allowed in mk vs dc, but man i hated seeing a yellow and orange scorpion in mk...
  6. bigb0ned

    NRS checking out this site?

    does anyone know of NRS checks out this forum for help on how to perfect the game? or do they have their own forum where they can learn about what their audience feels about the demo and overall videos that have been exposed?
  7. bigb0ned

    mkdcu special move effect reused in NEW MK?

    does anyone else think that effect of doing a double special move back to back in mk vs dcu should be re used in the new mk? i dont know if you all know what i am talking about, but for example, in mkvsdcu when you do a special move, like the one with sub zero where he freezes the opponent by...
  8. bigb0ned

    DEMO DOWNLOAD with xbox live free months subscription??

    can this be done? since the free month covers the $10 or so that it is worth, would that cover the charge that the psn members paid for their demo?
  9. bigb0ned

    scorpion and subzero xray...

    Is it just me or are their xray moves pretty lame compared to the other characters? Sub zero should have done something like hold the opponents body part and freeze/crush the bone. And scorpion should have implemented the spear some how. I think they should redo theirs since they are the most...
  10. bigb0ned

    Xbox 360 features?????

    what the hell is being done for the xbox 360 version of the game??? did ed boon sign some kind of exclusive deal with wb/sony to get neatherrealm going or what? i dont mean to knock any ps3 fans, but as an xbox owner, i am concerned with the vitality of the game that i have purchased..