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  1. Scorpion23922

    Resident Evil 4 for free?

    Yea sounds weird right?But i just downloaded it off of xbox live and it didnt charge me.At first I thought it was gonna be like Crimson Alliance(allowing u to download the game for free but then charging u 10 dollars a character)but ive played for about 2 hours and am halfway done with chapter...
  2. Scorpion23922

    Beast wars

    Anyone else dig that show?I was a tad too young for transformers, so this was my introduction.Just bought the 1st 2 seasons on dvd, doesnt look quite as good as i remember obviously but dinobot still rules.
  3. Scorpion23922

    MK Tryouts

    Funny Machinima videos on youtube, just wondering if anyone had seen them.No im not posting a link just go there and enjoy.
  4. Scorpion23922

    Babality troubles

    Ive unlocked a few but just cant seem to ever do them.Like Sonyas who i think is d d f A just doesnt work i always do the cartwheel.Any suggestions?Is there a certain stipulation to doing them?
  5. Scorpion23922

    Body Harvest

    Was a game on the 64 that was made by Rockstar(they were called DMA Design back then)where u could use tanks jeeps helicopters. Was really cool cause u traveled to different time periods and used the weapons and vehicles of the time killing giant bugs.Dont think it was too popular tho.Just...
  6. Scorpion23922

    Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting

    Just curious if anyone still plays it.Just bought it for 2 dollars and cant find match. Its good to get back to basics now and again.
  7. Scorpion23922

    Killer instinct

    Anyone fans?Mains-Sabrewulf, Spinal, and Glacius
  8. Scorpion23922

    MKT Favorite character?

    Im sure this thread has been done before but hey why not.Id have to go with Rain and Noob back in the day prolly cause it was the first time i got to play with them.And being able to pick all those bosses was awesome as well.Kintaro is such a waste of everything.
  9. Scorpion23922

    My kingdom for a sig

    I dont even kno where to ask but can anyone make me a sektor and kano sig?Dont really kno wht i could do for u but it could be like a good deed for the day or something?Iono anyway have a nice day.
  10. Scorpion23922

    Cinderella Man

    This could be the best movie I or any of you will ever see. I would have been on my feet the whole time...but ppl in the theater usually frown on that. It was so awesome. Even cooler its all true this guy actually existed and did all this stuff. See it, why are you still here??GO!
  11. Scorpion23922


    Anybody got one?Its like the new trend. Heres my link check it thats sorry only way i can get more friends on there is from total strangers. Anyway here it is
  12. Scorpion23922

    Thoughts on Havik

    Either u love him or u hate him but i thought he was a pretty original idea. I love his fightings styles and the morning star looks cool at least. Just the thought of somebody not being ruled by the rules of nature is cool to me. His alt costume is one of my all time favorites. Wht u fellas think?
  13. Scorpion23922

    Shoa Kahns biggest combo

    Biggest combo i can get is only 5 hits, i figured out a style branch that wasnt even on the move list. But 5 is NOT acceptable, if anybody can get more plz tell me how. And personally i think he and especially his fatalities are awesome.