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    "Rant on Greedy MK fans"

    I agree with most of what he is saying, "he is not yelling or cursing ppl out he is just stating what I see alot of pissed off fans do in the MK community as well",

    Jax's Fatality will not be changed

    This is from Ed Boons twitter.., RT @the_enemigo @noobde please answer me this. Will JAX fatality order be changed? Arms first, head after? :( Noobde: No.

    Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter..R.E.S.P.E.C.T...

    LOL everytime I look up something dealing with Mortal Kombat its always a Street Fighter super fan in the commenting section hating real hard on MK,...I want to know from you guys do you think there will be a day where MK gets the respect it deserves and both fighting game series can come to a...

    The best Female character in MK history

    Who do you guys think is the best female characters in MK history, this includes TV shows, Movies and all the MK games ever made, I think its Kitana, Jade, Mileena, Sareena, Tanya and Frost..(Im sorry if there is another thread like this I just want to know opinions)

    Should MK9 have Parry moves?

    Ive been playin the demo since it was released and realized that I like what they have done to the offensive side of the game but what about defense?, dont get me wrong it has some elements like ive seen when your opponent tries to grab you, you can shrug them off you or you can press grab at...

    Another Ed Interview is scheduled

    This geoff keighly guy or whatever his name is, is supposed to meet up with Ed again, I found this on his twitter Hanging out with Ed Boon of MK fame! @noobde Interview coming on 3/17 with news.

    Some of the Games features

    Here what they confirms too: - 26 Characters on roster, with two marks for DLC; - Scorpion Classic Fatality, avaiable with DLC, is the "Toasty" one; - Pro Moves becomes Enhanced Moves; - Versus Mode (1-4 players); - Story Mode (as the MK vs DCU one); - The Tower of Challenge (fight with some...

    What special moves should they give Sindel?

    As you guys well know Sindel is one of those characters that come up short on the special move catagories, the only new one ive seen is the low fire ball in that picture with Sonia, what do you guys think?

    New Test Your Might Ideas Anyone?

    Wus up everybody im new to these forums and I was thinking if they add test your might to MK9 what other elements do you guys think they could add (In MKDA they added test your sight) LOL i was thinking maybe like before the match you arm wrestle your opponent or maybe GORO or should it just go...