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  1. Adjun

    Gameplay Improvements

    Hello all. I started this thread to discuss and consolidate the gameplay glitches, hopeful tweaks, and improvements that you all have noticed or would like to see in future patches. Here's a few of my suggestions to get us started... General Gameplay Throwing: Though throwing has been made...
  2. Adjun

    Official "Insert MK9 Fighter Here" is Overpowered Thread

    It seems that every ten minutes there is a new thread about how "X" character is overpowered. I figured why not create an official thread just for the overpowered MK9 fighter of the day rant?
  3. Adjun

    New Infamous 2 footage and interview from IGN

    This game is going to ****ing own. Period.
  4. Adjun

    The Volleyball Launchers of MK9

    O.k. so I've been playing the demo and trying out a lot of the advanced combos we've seen floating around the net. Tyler Lantern's Advanced MK9 Combos They are very fun to try and master and so far I've gotten pretty close to replicating most of them. One thing that has stuck out to me is...
  5. Adjun

    Harry Potter T.V. Series Headed to FX :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  6. Adjun

    Fatalities are getting worse by the minute

    So has anyone else noticed that the fatalities that are being shown are getting more and more lame? I hope it is not a trend. The first ones NRS showed had some build up and climax, now they just seem to consist of "oh look, there goes the head". Almost like NRS couldn't come up with new...
  7. Adjun

    X-ray Screen Caps 720p [LOW BANDWIDTH USERS BEWARE]

    Hey guys, I have made some HD screen captures from the IGN "Inside the X-ray" video special from last week. One of the most interesting finds during this breakdown was that of the cybernetic insides shown for Sektor during Johnny Cage's X-Ray (Edit: Actually I believe it is Cyrax)! Obviously...
  8. Adjun

    Mortal Kombat is up on the HotList at IGN

    I found that Mortal Kombat 2011 has now overtaken Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on's Hotlist!!! Good news for MK fans hoping the franchise returns to glory! BTW, this is for the PS3 version, showing that Kratos' guest appearance has certainly NOT hindered, and most likely only spurred further...
  9. Adjun

    Mass Effect 2

    Running on the Mass Effect 3 engine and sporting slightly sharper graphics and lighting effects, PS3 owners get the best and most complete version of Mass Effect 2 Full Story @ IGN
  10. Adjun

    Favorite MK9 Males Poll

    So which of these handsome guys is your favorite from the new Mortal Kombat?
  11. Adjun

    The Lazyiness of MK9's Fatalities and more...

    Laziness comes in the form of recycling animations. All of the fatalities shown so far have consisted of dismembering the opponent. Here is a diagram showing the slice points on the characters... Back in the day the MK team recycled animations and used palette swaps to conserve memory space...
  12. Adjun

    The Nickel and Dime fatality

    As many have observed so far, all the fatalities seem to stem around dismembering the opponent in very creative, and sometimes not so creative, ways. It got me thinking... What if NRS decides to dole out our favorite unique fatalities as DLC? Would we all be willing to pay $1.99 EACH for...