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  1. BBBLP

    Injustice 2 Gameplay Chat *plz cry moar*

    Before this becomes the inevitable "...needs nerfs!" Thread, I'd like us to discuss our thoughts, hopes and gripes on current and predicted gameplay aspects of Injustice 2. Quick notations to ease any confusion X/Square = 1 Y/Triangle = 2 A/X = 3 B/Circle = 4 MB/EX means enhanced, or...
  2. BBBLP

    Injustice 2, Microtransactions inevitable?

    Hear me out, I know that we have virtually no details on how the Gear System will work, but my criticism is more on part of WB and less of NRS. WB has horrible dlc practices, the nickel and diming of Arkham games is atrocious and we all know how shady MKX was with on disc Goro. So with Gear...
  3. BBBLP

    Injustice 2 rumored for 2017 release

    Not sure how reputable with "Game Blog" place is.
  4. BBBLP

    Kombat Pack Pricing?

    I was wondering what you guys think about the possible prices for this. Because personally, I smell some serious bullshit coming our way. And it's mainly due to Goro. Are they really going to charge us $30 for another Kombat Pack? I wouldn't mind if it was all new content, but 4 characters and...
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    New Indie Fighting Game, Cerebrawl "Insipired by MvC2 and Third Strike" "Fast paced Air dashing, flying, Super Jumps and snap backs" "2v2, 2v1 and 1v1" "Breakable stages. Shattering walls or floors, changing the meta by creating shorter or longer stages." Personally, the character designs are a...
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    James Wan to Produce new MK movie Sweetre15 posted this in the movie thread, but I think this deserves a thread on its own.
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    Is NRS seeking to pander?

    Ed Boon just retweeted this picture of Lardass Jade. Do you think this will be a new trend in Mortal Kombat games? Since NRS wants to be progressive all of a sudden, is it possible we'll start seeing FemFlabs in future titles?
  8. BBBLP

    Fire & ice revealled @ e32015

    Holy shit dude, it feels like it's been decades since the last game. Glad they're bringing us what we all wanted.
  9. BBBLP

    Reptile's True Name Revealed?!

    @10:50 Raiden says "Step aside 'Scyzoth'!" To which Reptile says "You know my true name" I know that these intros are largely non canon, but historically when an element of a character's background is introduced it's legitimate. Pretty cool.
  10. BBBLP

    Dragon's Dogma Online revealed I don't care if it's F2P. If it's half as good as the first game I've no problem shelling out mad cash for it. I easily poured 160+ hours into Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
  11. BBBLP

    Todd MacFarlane shows preview of new Spawn Animated Series I'm too excited for this. I still own all 3 seasons of the HBO classic on DVD. Maybe a deal could be created to put Spawn in MKX to promote the series? Edit: Spelled his name wrong. God...
  12. BBBLP

    TRMK's Front Page tho?

    @Patrick McCarron @Jeff Greeson @Jason Shearer @Scott Ellison II @Jade @DCR Can somebody update the front page my dudes? I can't imagine TRMK is getting much traffic when the first thing people see when they come here is a flyer for an MKII tournament that's been over for months now. I know...
  13. BBBLP

    Ed Boon: "Guest characters very likely" Can't wait for all of the "Waaaah" MK purist threads :) :) :)
  14. BBBLP

    Possible Variations for Returning Characters

    If some of the MK9 roster were to return, (Or a returning Post UMK3 character) what would their variations be? I'm thinking Sektor would go like this Stock Specials: Straight Missile, Teleport Uppercut V1 - Target Acquired: Up Missile, Homing Missile & Air Missile specials added Aesthetic...
  15. BBBLP

    MKX Final Box Art Revealed

    Via the facebook page
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    Aspects of Injustice you want for MK10

    Even though a lot of MK players hate Injustice, it still introduced some great features that should definitely be carried over to MK10. My personal list: Hit trading It completely boggles my mind how NRS forgot to put this in MK9. It lead to bullshit like Player 1 Advantage and made Draws...
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    MK Cutscenes You Want To See

    MK9 showed us many events in the MK timeline that we had never before seen with our eyes, only read about in bios and endings. Things like Kabal waking up as a freak, Mileena meeting Kitana, Scorpion killing Sub Zero and the creation of the Soulnado. What are some of the post UMK3 events that...
  18. BBBLP

    Might No. 9 (Mega Man reboot)

    Keiji Inafune (Illustrator & Co-designer of Mega-Man) is recreating Mega Man. Since Capcom wont shell out the Mega Man games, he will. And that, is hardcore awesome.
  19. BBBLP

    Black Canary Concept art leaked

    And it's funking horrendous
  20. BBBLP

    Legend of Dragoon

    Best rpg of all time. Meru number 1