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  1. Cyberote

    Kotal Kahn is the New Ruler of Outworld

    I wish I was on my computer right now so I could provide a link to the video to prove this, but if you look for "Mortal Kombat X Official Raiden Trailer" by the user MortalKombatCommunity, youll find a video where Ed Boon himself states that Raiden has a history of fighting Outworld, so it would...
  2. Cyberote

    MK9 or Injustice: Which to Play to Prepare for MKX?

    The title pretty much says it all. Im curious as to which game I should be training with in preparation for the new iteration of Mortal Kombat. MK9 is traditional MK, so I thought it would be best to train with it. However, Ive heard people claim that it feels "Injustice-y." Im really at a...
  3. Cyberote

    Yeah I DEFINITELY Need Help (Laughing To Ensue)

    So Im not that good at fighting games. MK is no exception, but Ive always enjoyed it. With the announcement of MKX, I felt like playing MK9 again. Up until a few days ago, Ive never ventured past the medium difficulty. Ive been wanting to get better, so I stepped up a notch and played on hard...
  4. Cyberote

    No Alternate Costumes?

    With each character getting three variations of fighting styles and move sets, some also have costume changes along with those variations. Ed Boon even said Cassie's "Hollywood" variation would give her sunglasses and a different costume. With this, Im a bit curious as to whether or not...