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    Best Version Of Raiden

    I would say his MK: DA was the best so far followed by his one in MK 2
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    Movie Trailers

    Found a new trailer for a new movie thats coming post it here and talk about it.... CHeck this dodgy movie out
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    Mortal Kombat Sounds

    Does anyone know of any sites with MK sound mainly in the form of Wavs ??
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    Shujinko's Hara kiri ???

    I want to know something this So what the 16th of every month Februry,march,april,may ETC is what it means ??
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    The Kamidogu things

    For the outworld one which you have got it as its actually the choasrealm one and the choasrealm one is really the outworld just pointing out something
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    Sonya ??

    Has anyone else manage to see sonya in outworld ?? I have i was walking around near where you enter outworld and i saw Sonya up the back there and then she disapearred into a puff of smoke
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    Favourite Shokan ?

    Which is your favorite shokan warrior ?? Mine would have to be Mr Goro