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    Mortal Kombat sold more copies on the PS3. Welly welly welly... weren't there folks here who said that this wouldn't be the case?
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    Kratos was on the disc the whole time.

    I was constantly being told that he was going to be a voucher. Well, now that we know, what's the deal with the two Kratos faces on the character select screen? The other one is inaccessible.
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    Tournament Edition (PS3) sold out at, 360 version still readily available
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    Concept art for Killer Instinct 3? With Master Chief and a Crackdown Agent as guests?

    This seems to be spreading like wild fire. It came from an ex-Rare contractor's portfolio- What caused Microsoft to cancel it? It would have sold a shit-ton.
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    Boxart discussion

    Personally, I like the PS3 boxart more. Thoughts?
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    Ed Boon Tweets Again.

    "Going to a meeting to talk about putting Phoenix in MK!! Joaquin Phoenix that is... :(" "Joaquin is asking for $0 up front, but wants 40% of the gross. F-that !!" "RT @BradMaddison how does kratos look on the 360 version? Noobde: He looks like.... no I can't say it." Clearly he is pulling...
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    Which version (Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3) is NetherRealm Studios focusing on more?

    Just like Rocksteady developed Arkham Asylum with the PS3 in mind and openly stated as such, which version of Mortal Kombat (2011) is being focused on more?
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    Ed Boon went on a business trip to North Carolina on 12/12 to meet up with Epic Games

    Ed Boon meets up with Epic Games' Cliffy B. and ex-Activision employees Jason and Vince sometime in the afternoon on Sunday, December 12 to discuss business. Location is a random night club in North Carolina. We all know that Cliff "Dude Huge" Bliszenski wants one of his Gears of War creations...