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    Injustice Scorpion Trailer

    Well, this kinda sucks lol. I didn't think they'd actually release a character nobody really wants.
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    Metal Gear Solid

    Since TRMK doesn't have a proper Metal Gear Solid thread, I decided to write one. I didn't copy any any of this from the Metal Gear Wiki since that thing is HORRIBLE. Seriously, don't ever use that thing. It's written by a bunch of morons who speculate a lot of things and create confusion for...
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    Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Announcement

    The new Metal Gear Solid title was just announced at the "Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary Party". The title is said to be "Ground Zeroes" and it is rumored by attendees to be an open world game. The game was announced as the finale following other announcements such as a Metal Gear Rising...
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    The Stealth Genre

    Recently I've become interested in "stealth" oriented games even more than I already have been. Especially those that allow you to beat the entire game without being seen, and/or, without killing anyone. I've come to the conclusion that the games that allow you to accomplish this are very rare...
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    I noticed TRMK lacks an SSX thread. Now for those of you who haven't heard about this amazing series, SSX is basically motocross meets snowboarding. It's all about over the top fun while racing down a slope, or getting insane air off a jump and pulling off a massive trick right before landing...
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    Metal Gear Online (PS3 Users)

    So, I've been kinda burnt out on MK lately and decided to start playing MGO (Metal Gear Online) again. It's a really fun and challenging Third Person Shooter that came bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4. I was just wondering if any other MGS fans, or just people who wanna try it out, would like to...
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    BEAST Freddy Montage!

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    PSN "Warriors Bundle"

    From Mortal Kombat DLC ‘Warrior Bundle’ Uppercuts PSN by STORMS Thanks to EcHo, here is a money-saver if you plan to get all 4 DLC Mortal Kombat 9 Warriors. Unfortunately, this really only benefits those who don't have the fighters already. Back...
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    ReveLAtions - $30,000+ [SAKO] SSF4:AE/MvC3/MK/BBCS1,2/AH3/TK6 Jun. 10 - 12 LA, CA.

    From - Revelations - Tournament Legacy's collaborative efforts bring you the largest video game tournament to hit the Los Angeles area, introducing Revelations. A tournament featuring the highest caliber of professional gamers, hottest titles, decorative sponsor support, and over...
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    Official Team DCP Shirts!!!

    As we get closer and closer to the first National Mortal Kombat Tournament in Vegas, my friends and I thought we should make "Team" shirts to rep my team, as well as TRMK and Test Your Might. These are the designs we have so far; Front: Back: As you can see we pretty much have Johnny with...
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    So I'm pretty upset

    Over how badly they nerfed Johnny. He is so incredibly slow now. And to top it off, they seem to have "adjusted" the frames for all his moves because the juggles that were possible in the demo, are no longer possible. Don't get me wrong, I expected them to fix a couple things such as the...
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    Get Nasty!

    Made a small Trailer for my Youtube Channel and first planned project after the release of Mortal Kombat. It's nothing special just some clips of old gameplay thrown together. Can't wait to get some clips from intense battles online. If you wanna help me out while being featured on some...
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    Why so many spoilers?

    I don't know if ts just me, but is there no one who likes to hold off on knowing pretty much everything about a game before it's released? I mean I know spoilers are to be expected but Jesus, I'm pretty sure people don't wanna know about hidden fights, or crucial parts in the story (there are...
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    Toasty Booster?!

    So today I was playing the demo with my friends and I uppercutted one of them resulting In a toasty. For some reason I pressed the "R2" button at the same time and the screen flashed as if I used my X-Ray but instead the words "Toasty Booster" appeared on my screen. I have never seen this before...
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    Mortal Kombat Streaming Channel

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know in addition to making Youtube videos, I will also be streaming various MK matches live. From MKII to MK9. Here's my Ustream Channel Link - As well as my Youtube - And my Twitter for...
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    How to play the Demo, the correct way.

    The video speaks for itself. Prepare for the most hype, EVER. All Credit goes to gmcfosho. Here's his Youtube, check it out he's pretty funny
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    $21,000 MK9 Tourney - Las Vegas, NV - May 14th-15th - 10K first place

    The first big Mortal Kombat Tournament is now open for Registration! Here's the link to all the information!
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    Tattoo Help!

    So I know I said I wasn't gonna post for a while but I need the help of my fellow forum members. I've been wanting to get my arm done (thinking about getting a quarter sleeve for now) and I've been thinking of getting something MK related. I've seen some pretty sick stuff online but I want...
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    My JC Tutorial/Combo Ideas

    Hey guys, since a lot of people have been asking around the forum and asking me personally, I finally decided to make a short tutorial video on the basics of juggling and some combos for Johnny Cage. It's nothing spectacular but hopefully at least one of you guys gets something out of it...
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    Johnny Cage Gameplay (Truck Tour)

    My friend finally finished sending me the short video he took of me playing. It's a little bright because of how dark it was and how bright the TVs were. I was playing another JC user and we learned a lot from each other. Here's round 2 of one of our little fight. Again sorry for the bad...