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    Hidden character in Kung Laos story chapter?

    In Kung Laos Story when they find kitana in chains before it zooms in on her, you can see a mysterious girl standing between a classic smoke clone and a tarkatan but there is a space between her and the tarkatanm, she's also 2 to the left of motaro. It's not skarlett on the left but more in the...
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    i downloaded the scorpion classic costume but didn't get fatality

    i have costume but didn't get toasty in moves list?
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    krypt screamers

    does anyone know how they work. if they just happen randomly or if they are in certain krypt boxes and if the latter is true which koffins are they (edit) also can you turn them off? i'm sort of a scaredy cat
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    where can i watch challenge tower part from mk live stream

    been looking for it because i missed that part
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    where can you watch the mk live stream?

    I didn't get to watch it last night did anyone record it
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    gamestop power up rewards epic edition.

    does anyone know who won it yet? ok 15th thanks