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    Anybody read..?

    Ehh gonna sound weird for asking this but..Anyone ever read a serious called Runelords? NOTHING involving Runescape its a pretty good series..
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    My latest freestyle...

    Ok..If you don't like rap don't post comments im just saying that now..I'm trying to get some support..Not be hated...Also on a lighter note..Mods if this gets too bloody lock the thread >_>;; DIPsetCREw1 22 4: theirs a thin line between my life and rhyme i spend time wit different...
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    Do you know..?

    Does anyone know were you can get a free paint shop pro or how much it would be to buy it?
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    Well...You dared me...

    Ok i'm just letting everyone know ahead of time...After this post most of you will probally hate me and try your hardest to run me out of here. But I can't sit here and watch a mod be picked as a favorite instead of an experienced person who adds to the TRMK community..I know for a fact i...
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    Angel this will solve your problems :)

    Ok as they say if you cant beat em join em so..This is what me and K1LL came up with to make these noobs even noobier lmao...Prepare for a good laugh.. AIM convo with me and K1LL... DIPSET crew 1224: hiya K1LL D1u9c7k9: Whats going on man, figure out your program yet? DIPSET crew 1224: not...
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    Yes...I hate to do this...

    Ehh...I've been slipping away from friends and life a little too much..I'm starting to be on the computor wayy too much lol..I'm takeing a break to get back to real life and getting my grades up..Hopefully ill be back :)...SO I leave you with a picture of me posted in the official post a picture...
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    New fake(yes again) lol

    Today i was playin MK trilogy and decided i wanted a good fatality for jax..So i created a fake showing a fatality i would have liked him to have useing it on 2 of my least favorite characters... Rate if you want too i just wanted to show the type of fatality i would have liked him to have.
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    A quick question

    Im just wondering how do you make like a shadow following the hit of a a street fighter type of punch when u use ken and his shadow follows him..i need to know im planning like a street fighter type of seen between sector and cage...
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    Ok...This is it..

    This one actually took some time to do...I promise if this is as bad as the rest ill stop posting fakes..Scouts honor...Lol.. [img=] I think i dimmed it a little too much..You can't really see it but shaddows are their...
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    New fake..Lol

    Ok K1LL chill..I don't know how to dim the fake so..My bad...This one took me about 15 minutes..soo here it is... Please rate
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    My first fake in a long long time :)

    What do you think of it 1-10?
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    Fake question

    How do you make names?
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    Do you beileve these rumors?

    This thread may not be wanted but I just need to get others input on the situatuation...Do any of you really beileve George Bush is drinking again? Isn't bad enough that he put us into a war we shouldn't be in but now he's going back to being a compulsive drinker? Get this man out of...
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    Roms -_-

    Um...I download roms for my SNES emulator alot but most of them dont work like megaman X2 and 3 lol...Does anyone know why i cant play them once they're downloaded to my documents it's starting to get annoying...>_<
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    Good-bye...For now..

    For those of you who actually remember me ill be leaving for a while..I do have a computor but until i can afford to pay for it again i wont have any internet...See you when i actually get it back..Damned bills -_-
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    I'm bored and i noticed something...Their are NO good games to play online..Runescape got old quick and so did my PS2 and XboX..Anyone got any ideas to chase the bordom away?
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    Some very interesting things about serial killers/murders

    Ok i'm going to sound like a sick fuck for this and probably hated off the forums. I have to discuss this with some people tho. I was on and realized alot of things about killers. Some of the more intreguing people i read about were "The son of Sam" and that boy from MN Jeff...
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    Very interesting. . . . .

    Have any of you heard of any songs that caused suicide? I have one on my computor i wanted to know do you think these songs really have the power to make you commit suicide? Or is it just some people are more easily depressed then others. Their is this song gloomy sunday whitch caused 13 suicide...
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    This place has gone downhill...

    What has happend...A few months ago when i was on here almost everyday posting my fakes and such their were such heated discusions...Although i was on around the time of the election their are still some pretty big things going on so why are their people posting so immatuerly...I mean i know its...
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    does xbox live work on...

    aol? i have dsl for aol and will it work?