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  1. Underoath

    Biggest Mortal Kombat Annoyance

    What is your biggest Mortal Kombat experience or annoyance? I experienced mine today, I played a guy as Quan Chi, he was Scorpion, he was spamming his teleportation spells and spearing left and right, so then I started to do the same and I'm destroying him by doing that cause hes a horrible...
  2. Underoath

    Best MK: Intro Movie?

    I'm here to figure out which Mortal Kombat video game has the commercial movie. Vote, then post why. I voted MKII just because it shows all of the main characters and it flows really good. MKI: MKII: MK3: MK4: Deadly Alliance: Deception: Armageddon: Mortal Kombat 2011:
  3. Underoath

    Reptile Theme Song (MK9 Album)

    What do you guys think? Anyone have the album? its on Itunes.
  4. Underoath

    Favorite MK Movie

    Which Mortal Kombat movie is your favorite? I voted for the first movie, it was hard considering the characters in Annihilation are alot better, but I voted for the 1st one because ths movie was the roots to the second movie, and it has my 3 main dudes in it, Scorp, Sub-Zero, and Reptile when...
  5. Underoath

    Best fight in 1st MK Movie?

    I'm here to find out your opinions on which fight in the first ever made MK movie was your favorite, please vote, and state why you voted on the fight. I'll start off: I vote for Reptile vs Liu Kang, I chose this vote because it's one of the longer fights in the movie (I love Reptiles hiss he...
  6. Underoath

    MK: Mythologies - Sub Zero

    -Details "Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero is a 1997 action-adventure game spin-off of the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. It was the first MK game to feature side-scrolling gameplay and was released for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. The storyline centered around the original Sub-Zero...
  7. Underoath

    Fight Sticks [Y/N]

    So i'm here to figure out which do you prefer? hypothetically if you got to choose, would you use a controller? or a fight stick? state why. I voted controller because i'm just used to it and have never used a fight stick and dont feel like taking the time to learn the fight stick etc.
  8. Underoath

    Unlockable Characters

    Are Cyber Sub-Zero and Quan Chi the only two characters you can unlock in MK9?
  9. Underoath

    Xbox 360 Hard Drive Issue?

    Well today I beat the MK9 campaign and I have unlocked Cyber Sub-Zero and Quan Chi, and all of my Krypt tokens etc, i got off for a bit and then got back on and my characters were not unlocked on the character selection screen? but in my hard drive it says that i still have my MK9 saved games, I...