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  1. glammetal

    Grandmaster glitched?

    I wouldn't have thought much of this if it was a one time thing but I've had an incident 3 times in ranked matches with this character. 1. Someone as Dvorah jumped directly into and ice clone without hitting me or blocking. Just stood inside of it duck taunting me. I was shocked. 2. Stuck in...
  2. glammetal

    Am I the only one who feels this way?

    I am looking forward to the next MK game so much. I think a lot of the post 2D characters will make up about half of the roster and I can't wait to see them redone and re imagined on a 2D plane. I'm not saying all the new faces from 4, DA, D should be there but I think a lot of these characters...
  3. glammetal

    A thought on post 2D characters

    Does anybody else feel new characters post MKT had their images hindered because the games were in 3D? I mean 3D MK games aren't looked upon as positively as 2D. Does anyone else think these characters made bad first impressions because the games they debuted in were sub par? I personally feel...