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    Define - Teabagging

    I hear the word on almost every thread and have yet to figure out what it means. I *know* what it really means but what the hell does that have to do with MK?
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    New classic skins revealed: MK3 Cyber Sub-Zero/UMK3 Sub-Zero unmasked

    According to the MK facebook page, the new skins coming with Freddy will be announced in a trailer tomorrow. My guess : Unmasked Sub and Cyber Smoke.
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    2 probably stupid questions.

    I have no idea what good the stance flip is for. Am I missing something? And someone mentioned in another thread about delaying your stand up. Is that even possible? I know some times it does take me/opponent longer to get off the ground than just a quick pop up but I didnt realize it was...
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    Challenge 269 ...

    sucks. Stryker vs 3 Shao Kahn's. I have lost so many times, I cant even begin to count. Shao Kahn's X-ray does over 1/2 of a full life bar and you never regain health, even after 20+ losses in a row. Ive read strats that say keep shooting him with the gun and jump the hammer. But some times the...
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    Story mode

    I havent noticed this mentioned before ... but Im curious about something. Is it possible to start over story mode without going through the entire thing? Ive beaten the story mode but I didnt start it, my step son did. And my wife restarted it and played a fight while I was cooking, not knowing...
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    *Before I start, this is my first attempt at creating a character. Not sure how well it would be received into a game or whatnot. Dont trash me if you dislike it* Name : Vitis Age : 12 Alignment : Neutral Good Height : Varies (Normally around 5'9) Weight : 180 Appearance : Vitis is a plant...
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    Wake up attack/Recovery

    I seem to be missing exactly how this works. Is it just doing a move while you are laying on your back? Is the enhanced meter involved? Ive never really paid attention to the little message before but I keep reading about Sub-Zero's slide wake up and was curious about it. And what is the...