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    Sorry Guys...(Ed Boon: Read This)

    ...but i gotta get this off me chest. MORTAL KOMBAT: DECEPTION IS GLICHY AS FUCK,RUSHED, AND HAS RUINED THE KRYPT IDEA. Now hear me out before you hellfire flame me. Glichy: How many times have i been in a wicked battle pulling off many combos in a row and seen shit like "3 hit combo: 3%...
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    Getting Liu Kang...

    He is a zombie...i love zombie...i need him. I keep reading that i need to compete some other quest before i can get him, the quest involves Rain if i remember correctly. Where do i get this quest?
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    Scorp. Ending

    Revealed nothing we didnt already know...greatttttttt. What a rip off!
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    The graphics are really bad. The voice action is the worst ive seen sence PS1. Walls EVERYWHERE. Random Koins scattered around town. Hey kids lets steal from peoples chests! Dose anyone else think Konquest mode is pretty shittily done? I mean granted, its something that no other game out there...