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    Sub Zero Fatality vid??

    Does anyone here know where I could see subzeros other fatality? We simply cannot make it work. Any links to that vid would be great. (not the one where he freezes you, takes off your head, then throws it at you)
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    New idea

    In puzzle kombat birds fly past the screen and get chopped up right? Maybe if you hit start, you will get a secret like you did in MK I ? Where you fought reptile if somethin went over the moon. Just an idea
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    The Grid...

    I need to know what its about, when it came out and so on. I read about it on the trmk homepage though. That little section about the grid, but i still dont understand who created the grid and lots of other stuff. HELP?
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    This thread is all about XBL. My gamertag on it is Ktwizzy. what are yours? Also, did you ever notice how some people have their stats reset for one match and then it goes back to their regular? It happned to me once, I had like 40/40 and it reset to 0/0 and then I won a match and it was 41/40...
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    How many of you like Baraka? I personally hate him now. My reasons: 1.) His specaials are too good. 2.) He occupys about 9/10 loading screens 3.) Everybody uses him online 4.) I thought he was a one of a kind ; Now he has a whole race (including Milleena :evil: ) 5.) I dont think I've ever...
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    Shujinko Alternate

    I need help finding it, I've been to the place right next to Tanya many times. Is there a certain time? I have looked in the official alternate costume post. I'm more special than that :wink:
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    I can make buddy icons

    I will make buddy icons for people for free. I just want the pic you post that you want as a buddy icon as close to being the same high and same width. I will do it for anything, but I might do a few animated ones if they close to being same pixel height and same pixel width.
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    Post your Mortal Kombat pics here. Only good ones, no ingame stuff (Unless it looks really cool, and is clear)