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  1. 3nany

    An Idea regarding Mortal Kombat and the Internet

    So you know how the internet kind of blew away the fun and excitement of always finding new stuff in the game like fatalities and such. Nowadays everyone (mostly) just looks up a Fatality list online and has them all. Because of this fatalities become boring because you've seen them a million...
  2. 3nany

    Shang Tsung / Rain Glitch ?

    Anyone else notice that if shang tsung is fighting rain and wins a round, during his midmatch victory laugh where hes supposed to turn into rain for a split seacond, he doesnt . instead he just turns invisible and then transforms back again.
  3. 3nany

    Are corner combos noobish ?

    I do alot of corner combos when i get the chance to, hell sometimes if my opponent isnt that good i can keep them in the corner forever. But i've never considered them to be noobish. I ask this question because i've encountered a few people who've messaged me with vulgar words ^^ telling me i am...
  4. 3nany

    Online Character Select Screen Types (Question)

    Online when i play against people, i noticed that either skarlet is available for both of us (he probably bought her aswell), she is only available for my side (he probably only got the combatability pack), only the two CSZ are below which means he probably didnt get the compatability pack. But...
  5. 3nany

    Hidden stuff in story mode ?

    Ok either the stats on are off or there's something hidden in the story mode because i've finished it twice and it says story mode progress : 63% on the website. i know it counted that i finished story mode at least once because my best story mode time is listed. so what...
  6. 3nany

    Sheeva Ugly?

    Am I the only one who doesn't think that Sheeva is ugly ? I've been reading alot of posts by people and all of them seem to think that Sheeva is "ugly" . Why? I think she looks fantastic. NRS did a pretty good job with her. She's not as "hot" as the other characters, but so what ? I think she...
  7. 3nany

    Extra Gears 3 Beta Codes

    Ok so i got two extra beta codes for the last week of gears of war 3 beta incase anyone wants them. one is US only (couldn't use it -.-) the other i have no idea xD . p.m me if u want one and tell me which one. EDIT: Ok i don't have any codes anymore. Good luck to everyone who recieved codes :)
  8. 3nany

    Difference betwwen ranked and player matches ? ^^

    so i can't seem to tell the difference between the two in this game xD
  9. 3nany

    Penny Arcade Video about Mortal Kombat xD

    the comic was already uploaded a while back on the site. this is the patv episode about it ^^.
  10. 3nany

    Scorpion noobs + lag = loose -.-

    ok i'm fed up because i keep facing noobs online who keep sing scropion and spam teleport or spear or flame the whole match. only combo i seen them do was the X,X,X one and only once or twice during the whole match. i have no problem beating noobs but the lag makes it impossible to punish,block...
  11. 3nany

    Portal 2 question?

    So i was thinkiing of getting portal 2. i know the ps3 version has steam support so can play it on pc so that's awesome. my question is. if i get the ps3 version can i play on my pc before playing on the ps3 because i intend to give the ps3 copy to a friend later during the month and want to...
  12. 3nany

    anyone notice the game saving during ladder?

    so yeah i noticed that the small dragon logo meaning it's saving randomly pops up sometimess when im climbing up the arcade ladder. i doubt it has anything to do with stats since it occurs randomly and doesnt appear when i finish the ladder? could it be some sort of cue for something hidden ? :D...
  13. 3nany

    Button inputs TOO forgiving ???

    i just noticed that with sub-zero for instance if u try a X,A combo and his D,F,A special attack . u can get away with just inputting X,A,D,F ??? i mean techincally i didnt input the special attack but i still see him shooting off his ice?
  14. 3nany

    Mortal Kombat server not available at this time

    seriously what ? i mean i understood that the servers would shut down from time to time before release but they still shut down in the morning and open at night, 3 days after release ? well if it's because they're working on lag then i won't mind but if not ....
  15. 3nany finally updated

    it's been updated and from what i can see they've replace shao kahn with shang tsung... damn i was expecting awesome stuff to be there for kahn. oh well. now they have leaderboards and stuff.
  16. 3nany

    Anyone having the game freezing up on them ? (360)

    So far it's happened to me 2-3 times over the last 4 days. given i've played the shit out of this game (10+ hours a day) . At first it used to freeze during online king of the hill. i thought it might've been because the servers were unstable and whatnot but today it froze during the loading...
  17. 3nany

    When will the MK Website update ?

    so there are still a bit of missing kontent on which i presumed woould be up by the time the game's out but there's still alot to be revealed ???
  18. 3nany

    Do the -alities have certain conditions?

    I'm sometimes able to pull Babalities off easily with sub-zero and kung lao and sometimes not. is there a certain requirement like stage or opponent costume ???
  19. 3nany

    *possible spoiler* THAT SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME! xD

    i was in the krypt unlocking stuff lalalalala and the atmosphere is all dark and im watching dead people hanging and spiders and was about to open another dead body and this scary ass face suddenly appears on the screen and screams'at me! anyone else who has the game had that happen to them ? i...
  20. 3nany

    How do you select alt. outfit in MK9?!

    I've been playing this game since yesterday and have unlocked alot of alt. outfits in the krypt but i can't seem to figure out how to use them ^^ anyone with the game got an idea? :)