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  1. subzero ravenwood

    MKX Coming to Mobile

    No release date yet. Video clips look like fatality input is just left/swipe. HOPEFULLY this app will work... still can't access Immortals game. Mortal Kombat X: Mobile Trailer:
  2. subzero ravenwood

    Upcoming Games You Can't Wait For

    * Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 * Dragon Age: Inquisition * Oddworld: New n Tasty * Mad Max * Assassin's Creed: Liberation
  3. subzero ravenwood

    MKAK Demo?

    Will there be a demo or will it be a straight download? sidenote- several threads claiming release but still not sure: Aug. or Sept.?
  4. subzero ravenwood

    Best movie quotes ever!

    25secs know the one! CONTINUE.......
  5. subzero ravenwood

    King of the Hill Avatars

    There are two blank squares when choosing a KOTH avatar. Who will they be? My guess is Skarlet and Kenshi. Then we'll see Rain eventually.
  6. subzero ravenwood

    MKT has no endings?

    I've been playing the old MKT game on PSX since it's initial release. One thing I've always had quams about is that once you beat Kahn and after it says "you are the new mkt champion" there's no pic with a text of what happened. Does anyone else have this issue? Is my disc faulty or is just...
  7. subzero ravenwood

    Glitch in Ending?

    So I was playing ladder to view Goro/Kintaro and Kahn babalities again. Shang, Kintaro worked fine but when I beat Kahn nothing happened. The ending didn't play; Just went into SZ win pose [ice ball thrown at screen]. WTF? I did have it set for 3 rounds but if that were a problem I wouldn't...
  8. subzero ravenwood

    Who Is Your Favorite MK Fighter and Why?

    Sub Zero. Strategic gameplay of offense and defense. also the long mythology of Bi-Han, Kuai Liang[sz-noob-csz]