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  1. BigE181

    Win or Lose?

    How many did you win or lose on Arcade, online, Motor kombat? Arcade: 159/12 Online: none Motor Kombat: 75/27 What is your record?
  2. BigE181

    This is so stupid!

    Konquest was easy. I am little disappoint about this, I want the longer konquest like MKD. But after all the Konquest is too short to beat. Do you all agree with me?
  3. BigE181


    I can't beat that guy that who kept cutting my head off(he in Shao foress)
  4. BigE181

    Is this true?

    Is this true that Scorpion is monster?
  5. BigE181

    Where can i find some more movelist?

    I want some other movelist like scorpion throw and some other...
  6. BigE181

    Gamecrazy got them today(Xbox only)!

    I just went down there and final got it. I just letting you know, that they do have it out by today. If it not out by your location you may have to wait until the 13th or 14th. Maybe when the person reserve the game that they get it early. Keep this bump.
  7. BigE181

    IGN got Review(VIDEO!)

    I just went to and i notice that there is that REVIEW VIDEO! Edit: Sorry if this already been post. Here the link! Click here Edit2: I don't see anything of IGN Review video on here. BTW it was post today.
  8. BigE181

    Question about pallete?

    I was wondering, how do you do them with mspaint?
  9. BigE181

    If you are the member of midway forum, what is your user?

    Mine is Same as here(you know, BigE181). What your user?
  10. BigE181

    I made Tremor in MS paint!

    Rate it! Edit: it took me about 2 or 3 hour to do all of this.
  11. BigE181

    ** Official PPV Wrestling Result/ Discussion Thread **

    WWE Unforgiven: 09/17/06 Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro def. Jeff Hardy Kane vs. Umaga (Double Countout) World Tag Team Champions Spirit Squad def. The Highlanders D-Generation X def. The McMahons & Big Show (Hell in a Cell Match) Trish Stratus def. Lita to win the Women's...
  12. BigE181

    ** Official Mka Pictures Thread **

    I was thinking about this, that we all can post all the picture here on this thread. Should we start this. I will let 7th post all this picture in this thread. Here is some picture that we post this today. Loading Screen: Arena:
  13. BigE181

    I remodel motaro!

    Rate it!
  14. BigE181

    What MKA are you getting?

    Start posting and poll! Edit: For me I'm getting Xbox.
  15. BigE181

    Where can i find drawing site at?

    Where can i drawing site at? Post the URL here
  16. BigE181

    Post your Myspace profile!

    Here is mine Http:// Edit:Here is the list of my family! Brentley-brother(with my nephew) Shannon-Sister-in-law(they're marry by may 13) I miss my baby boy-Sister sue-mom knine(my sister boyfriend) amanda-cousin Lea-cousin(my step-dad sister girl) Tracey-Sister-in-law(she...
  17. BigE181

    Where are you buying your MKA at?

    ^^What the topic say^^ I'm thinking about EBgames or Gamestop or Gamecrazy I'm am getting Xbox MKA.
  18. BigE181

    What system do you own?

    ^What topic said^ I own, GBA, GC and Xbox.
  19. BigE181

    **Characters, Arenas, and Motor Kombat!**

    Characters: A Ashrah B Baraka Blaze Bo Rai Cho C Cyrax Chameleon D Daegon(New) Dairou Darrius Drahmin E Ermac F Frost Fujin G Goro H Havik Hotaro Hsu Hao J Jade Jarek Jax Johnny Cage K Kabal Kai Kano Kenshi Kintaro Kira Kitana Kobra Kung Lao L Li mei Liu Kang M Mavado Meat Mileena...
  20. BigE181

    Now, I need all the arena!

    I need all the area!