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  1. CuteBaraka

    Mortal Kombat Retrospective Update?

    Hey guys do you think they should bring a patch or dlc where they can add more things to the kollection. Like MK1-MK9 development videos, art, music, concept art, character videos, and a lot more kombat goodies. And to unlock these is make another section in the Krypt. It would be cool to unlock...
  2. CuteBaraka

    Secret Fights in Tower?

    Hey one of the notification messages in-game said something about hidden secret fights in the towers, has anyone encountered any yet?
  3. CuteBaraka

    If You Was Netherealm..

    If you was Netherealm what would you do to make this game better or fix? 1) I would announce Komics will be available in-game in upcoming patch 2) Remove All Micro-transactions from the game, remove easy-fatality and use in-game koins to purchase skip matches 5000 Koins Each 3) Let another...
  4. CuteBaraka

    Mortal Kombat 11 Story [Spoilers]

    Lets discuss what may happen with the story in the next MK game. I think it will carry straight after MKX and will have elements from Deadly Alliance to Armageddon. I think with Shang Tsung and Quan Chi dead there is no Deadly Alliance part for them, i think the first part of the story will show...
  5. CuteBaraka

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat X?

    Do you think they will do a updated version instead of just Komplete Edition? It would be cool like they did with MK3. So imagine if they added: Animalities Friendships Stage Fatalities New Fatality for Each Character New Stages New Modes (Tag Team? Tournament?) New Mini-Games (Test Your...
  6. CuteBaraka

    Evidence that Rain could be playable [Spoilers]

    [b][PLAIN]Possibility that Rain could be playable Also think they gonna bring in an expansion to this game too and rebrand the game as Ultimate Mortal Kombat X - Will probably cost around $40 and will feature several new modes like tag-team, story towers and more.
  7. CuteBaraka

    Kreate Your DLC

    Share your ideas of any DLC, can be anything like Kombat Packs, Skin Packs, Story Expansions etc. My Idea: Ultimate MK Pack - $40/£35 Includes: 3 New Modes 6 New Characters (18 Variations) 6 New Stages 12 New Skins Friendship Finishers** (Any Pack) 3 Exclusive Pass Skins: Klassic...
  8. CuteBaraka

    Cyber Pack or Ninja Pack?

    What pack would you prefer to get if they announce it? Cyber Pack: Cyrax Sektor Robocop (guest) Terminator (guest) Ninja Pack: Smoke Noob Ryu Hayabusa (guest) or Shujinko Frost
  9. CuteBaraka

    Official Mortal Kombat X Prediction Competition Thread!

    Official Mortal Kombat X Prediction Contest Forum Players: 1) ujustgotcaged - 3 Predictions Total - 2 Stars (Bronze) FATALITY (FIRST STAR AWARD) 2) Swade - 5 Predictions Total - 1 Stars () 3) efelos - 3 Predictions Total - 0 Stars () 4) Vassil01 - 4 Predictions Total - 0 Stars ()...
  10. CuteBaraka

    MK9 vs MKX Towers?

    Are the new towers gonna have challenges like in MK9 cause when ive seen people play it it seemed like it only has test your luck, might etc. and arcade ladder style play, i haven't seen any challenges yet. Also how do you think you can complete tower for the unlock-able character Boon suggested...
  11. CuteBaraka

    Ed Boon Interview - Angry Joe - March 30th 2015

    Angry Joe has posted two new videos of recent interview with Ed Boon and another video. A lot of questions answered! May contain Spoilers (Warning).
  12. CuteBaraka

    Kreate Your Own Variations

    Hey guys this is my first thread ^_^ For Characters that are not been confirmed or any changes you would make for existing character roster variations, what variation(s) would you make? This would be mine: Baraka (Unconfirmed Character) Variations: Grinder/Slicer: Has enhanced blade...