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  1. Makaveli-Don

    What do you think of this song?

  2. Makaveli-Don

    how would in-game Stage fatalites work in MK9?

    how would something like this fit in with MK9?
  3. Makaveli-Don

    What is Your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite artist?

    my favorite genre is hiphop and my favorite artist is 2Pac
  4. Makaveli-Don

    What genre of game do you never get bored of?

    i could never get bored of playing Adventure/Sport/Fighters
  5. Makaveli-Don

    Have you ever had nightmares after playing any MK?

    i used to have bad dreams all the time after player MK Sub-Zero Mythologies
  6. Makaveli-Don

    greatest videogame cutscene (from GoW3) "the hands of death could not defeat me. the sisters of fate will not hold me. And you will not see the end of this day, i will have my revenge" -Kratos
  7. Makaveli-Don

    What mk character do you think looks like a certain celebrity?

    do you think any Mk characters resembles a celebrity?
  8. Makaveli-Don

    Mortal Kombat J.TV Stream TwWinning54 - Polskah - bohangirl84
  9. Makaveli-Don

    Mortal Kombat Fire & Ice or Mk10?

    What game would you rather see?
  10. Makaveli-Don

    who is now the main character in the mk story?

    Before mk was all about liu kang but over the years i started to here About Scorpion VS Sub-Zero rivalry
  11. Makaveli-Don

    Does anyone else wanna see liu kangs Shaolin Soccer Fatality return?

    That has to be the greatest fatality ever:bubbrubb:
  12. Makaveli-Don

    If the cyrax & sektor klassics are coming free will the other kostume be free also?

    If the cyrax & sektor klassics are coming free will the other kostume be free also? If the costumes are gonna be free the the Skarlett Compatibility Pack , what about the other DLC Kharacters
  13. Makaveli-Don

    Why is there an empty spot in the Kharacter selection in online play?

    whats supposed to be there? Also i cant pick kratos for online play . There only a plus sign
  14. Makaveli-Don

    Who else is really disappointed about paying for the DLC kostumes? (FIXED)

    i was really mad after seeing the video
  15. Makaveli-Don

    mortal kombat 9 DLC question?

    Do you think the klassic costumes or the DLC characters (Skarlet , Kenshi) will be free for a limited time?
  16. Makaveli-Don

    Will the mortal kombat 9 DLC's be free?

    i want to get all the other kharacters and kostumes but i would hate to pay for them, and if i do have to pay.. what would you think the price range would be?