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    Okay, so ed boon said that MK 7 will have the biggest roster ever. Well do u guys remember MKT. It had a hell of a lot of characters. And MK7 is supposed to have more than that! I think that is awsome
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    New Year's challenge.

    Okay. I am going to host a tournament on saturday.(I usually host it on new years but who kares) I will want some competetors to compete in this tournament. The first place winner will get something that doesn't involve money. He will be rewarded with a prize of his decision. The only acception...
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    Kung Lao.

    Ok I know this has been posted and I saw the topics about it but they were too old so I decided to make a new one. Anyways, I am in earthrealm(after the cleansing) and whenever i talk to wen he says that I am not ready to join and that I need more training and when ever i talk to shin he says...
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    ok i am hosting a tournament saturday at 12PM californian time i dont know what time it is for u guys but anyways. who ever wants to enter just post ur name here. each day one person will be eleminated tunil we are down to one.(p.s i will be partisapating) so if u want to enter post ur name here...
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    SU's pics inside OMG ok so this movie is from funny junmk and if u look at it till the end u will seee a glitch of the next MK Su's oh and if u want to hear theyr voice i recomend u turn the spesakr volume till the very end and pay close attention
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    87???? WTF

    ok so do u guys see that in tmk they have that if u medetrate to 10 something 1987 then u will unlock fujin? and also people said that the mortal kombat tournament is done every 50 years and sowhen u talked to shang stung about u being in it the date was some thing some thing 1937 but u didnt...
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    ok is it just me or do i have my coordinant wrong? i have MM-D-7/chaosrealm-arena: dragon king temple MO- G-8- Bio: Shujinko alt ok so i covered all of chaos realm but didnt find any of thos 2 is it that i have my coordinants wrong or is it that it has to be at a certain time?
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    possible unl;cokables inside*spoilers*

    diod u guys ever wonde rthat maybe if u trained with all of the mk warriors u can unlock something? i have trained with all of them but 4 and they are jade, kobra, kira, and noob smoke if u happen to pass any of there plz tell me secondif u unlock everything in the krypt twice maybe u can unlcok...
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    Secret nexuse?!?!?!?!?

    if u guys go to the nexus and see that the time and the B-1 locationand w/e other location there is change does that mean anything? maybe u can unlock something in the nexus at a certain time\ and you can also meditate hm....