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  1. Ucah8er

    Kabal's theme [WIP]

    so yea, i'm working on a theme. this is a little preview i cooked up. thoughts?
  2. Ucah8er

    Kratos Questions.

    1) Can we exclude him from the arcade ladders (is he even in there?)? 2) Is he unlocked from the start? 3) Is there any option to keep him off the roster? 4) How many fatalities does he have? thanks in advance!! i'm very curious.
  3. Ucah8er

    Reptile's voice

    how should it be like? I imagine them going with the snake like voice from mk4 mmmh thoughts?
  4. Ucah8er

    Make up MK9 trophies/achievements :)

    Let's brainstorm and make up some trophies/achievements you want to see ingame :) it doesn't matter if unconfirmed characters are in or anything. just make up cool achievements. GET OVER HERE! - Perform Scorpion's spear move 75 times Deadly Alliance - Win an online tag team fight while your...