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  1. NXNDJ

    Cyber Sub Zero is in and has his own Brutality and moveset!

    OK I realise I've posted quite a few vids in a short space, this'll be the last but finding this excited me. Brutality is at the end but shows off his moveset & how to select him (basically he's the "No Variation" Triborg)
  2. NXNDJ

    Alien X-Ray, Fatalities, Brutalities & Ending Vid

    Here's a vid showcasing all things xenomorph
  3. NXNDJ

    Tremor's X-Ray, Fatalities, Brutalities (Inc. 6 Hidden) & Ending (Video)

    Well The Last Piece Of The Kombat Pack 1 Puzzle Is Here! So in keeping with my tradition of the "All The Gore" vids for DLC Characters, here's Tremor's. I've added a little gap before the ending so people can avoid spoilers if they want. Enjoy I will Add a "How to" for the secret Brutality's...
  4. NXNDJ

    how to fight with no variation

    Apologies if this has been covered but I've found if you push up, up, 2 on the variation select screen you will fight with none. Just a random bit of info
  5. NXNDJ

    some brutalities still not found

    Ok so during the Evo stream while Derek Kirtzic said there were still some brutalities that gave not been found yet, the hunt is on!
  6. NXNDJ

    Predator - X-Ray, Fatalities, Brutalities & Ending Video

    OK So here he is in all his madness, quite a fun character to play as too and thanks to TurnIntoGhosts for putting me on the trail of 2 hidden ones
  7. NXNDJ

    [B]Tanya X-Ray, Fatalities, Brutalities & Ending Video[/B]

    Well, Here She Is! Obviously be aware of spoilers after the spinning on the pole Brutality, Enjoy :-)
  8. NXNDJ

    All Things Cassie Cage!

    So I threw together a Video of Cassie's X-Ray, Fatalities, Brutalities & Ending. This Video includes the 2 hidden Brutalities, an EX Version of the Nut Punch & The REALLY Odd "American Way" Brutality
  9. NXNDJ

    Vid Of All Things Goro

    Here's a vid I threw together of all Goro's X-Ray, Fatalities, Brutalities & Ending, Enjoy :)
  10. NXNDJ

    Vid Of All Things Jason Vorhees

    Here's a Vid I trew together of Jason's X-Ray, Fatalities, Brutalities & Endings For those who wanted to see
  11. NXNDJ

    The Kove Stage Brutality is in!

    it's Slightly underwhelming but to do it hold forward when you launch a corpse at them, no previous interactables needed
  12. NXNDJ

    Tanya & Tremor variations spotted

    So if you keep an eye on the bottom left of the online menu (where they put the stats & quotes) I spotted "Tanya (Dragon Naginata) used 35 times" (probably developers) & Tremor (Variation two) as well, am guessing the Tremor variation names are place holders for now
  13. NXNDJ

    Soccer Johnny, Capoeira Kang & Gaucho Lao

    These & MK1 Kano, Sonya, & Kang are in the Update History on ps4, guessing that's the brazil pack we kept hearing about
  14. NXNDJ

    Blanche Brutality is in!!

    Gotta Use 3 Interactables First. or of course the Brutality Kombat trick which I did in this vid Edit: according to IGN you just have to use the barrel & the Brazzer (think that's the fire pit on the far left but not sure) I'll test this later & edit this again BIG ADDITION! Thanks to @<u><a...
  15. NXNDJ

    Jason Vorhees vid; x-ray, fatalities, brutalities & ending

    Little vid I've thrown together for those who wanted a look with thanks to those that taught me to embed.
  16. NXNDJ

    Jason downloaded but not on character select screen

    He's accessible in the character viewerbut the character select screen hasn't changed to accommodate him, got all patches etc. Anyone else got this? And more importantly a fix? Tried restarting console
  17. NXNDJ

    A community Idea for Arachnophobes (PS4)

    OK so this is just a theory that will rely on an online community banding together (Rare I know). The idea is this, for those terrified of spiders and flat out cannot deal with the caves, how about we stock up our Koins (need to calculate how much, I'll come back ;later once I've researched...
  18. NXNDJ

    24 Hour Charity Event (Admins can you please move/delete if innapropriate?)

    PLEASE SHARE!!!!! I'll be streaming MKX Midnight UK Time as part iof a 24hour charity event. I couldn't find where else to put this so please let me know if it needs moving or even removing. The charities are very special to me as my Step Mum & Auntie both have Crohns Disease, my sister was...
  19. NXNDJ

    PS4 preloading?

    Can anyone confirm if pre ordering the digital version on psn leads to pre loading? I've read that all games now preload but I haven't done it before. I wanna be up and running midnight on release day, thanks peeps
  20. NXNDJ


    anyone noticed if you fight in the coliseum with kitana tanya takes her place? Probably just a graphic solution since kitana's obviously not there but interesting all the same!