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  1. oleg.dobrynin

    Klassic Fatalities MK9

    I bought the Klassic Skins pack a while ago and I want to get/use the classic fatalities too, but I'm really confused about these. I've seen in a lot of places with a lot of different info and decided that the peeps at TRMK could help me the best. So, does the purchase of the Klassic Skins pack...
  2. oleg.dobrynin

    Your Pick! WhatWouldYouDo?

    So I have these games I've never touched and I'm curious as to what I should play first. I have Bioshock, Borderlands GOTY, and Fallout 3 GOTY (all for 360) and I don't know where to start and I care even less, so vote and let me know what I should start first and why!
  3. oleg.dobrynin

    DLC usable with online only?

    Hey, Hey, Hey! Just wanted to say something about the DLC stuffs. I was over at a friend's house and I brought MK and my hard drive with all the DLC characters and costumes, not to mention alternates and fatalities unlocked through game play. I noticed that when I pressed start to select Cyber...
  4. oleg.dobrynin

    SPOILER MK9 Ending to MK10

    Hey guys so since there probably will be an MK10, what do you think will become of all the dead characters? They probably should have an idea of how to bring back a lot of them, and since they probably won't cyber-ize everyone, what do you guys think? Since Liu Kang got fried basically, do you...
  5. oleg.dobrynin

    TRMK Fantasy Football 2011

    Well, I'm here again to tell you guys (anyone) about the FF league I made for TRMK. There are 9 teams so far, and a maximum of 20. I know this is just gonna get merged into the NFL Thread, but before it does, I want it to get its own spot on the Hot Topics section on TRMK's home page. The league...
  6. oleg.dobrynin

    Official DLC Ideas Discussion ~ Stages, Costumes, Characters, -alities, etc.

    Re: Which klassic fatalities would you like to bring back as DLC? Also, Sector's Crusher Nightwolf's Lightning Axe Subzero's Ice Shatter...
  7. oleg.dobrynin

    Finish Him!

    Just curious as to what people do when they hear these famous words :questionmark:
  8. oleg.dobrynin

    DLC + Cy-Zero Alternate Costumes

    I want to address an issue that people have been talking about for some time but doesn't have any real answers. Does anyone know if the DLC characters will get alternate costumes? Because it seems that leaving this out of the DLC is like a waste of my money. I'm in Moscow until August 5th and...