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  1. RodozUl

    Hanzomiru, a parody of Scorpion's Story in 2 minutes 8 secs.

    Hope you enjoy it. :love:
  2. RodozUl

    Kung Jin feelings exposed

    What's going on? :s:
  3. RodozUl

    Best finishing move ever xD

    I want you to see this shitty fight between two drunks. The end is priceless xD :twisted:
  4. RodozUl

    So Scorpion is in love with Predator... LOL

    I found out a glitch... and then I realized this: Hope you enjoy xD It's just a little fun :P
  5. RodozUl

    Kotal Kahn... a relative of Shao Kahn? The Konqueror himself?

    Do you see that they both are from Kahn's family? Coincidence? I don't think so... Kotal surely comes from Outworld too. As we can see this guy is pretty tall too. What if this guy is a reincarnation of our big boss, using aztec-like powers , or maybe is his son.... he could even be his...
  6. RodozUl

    The Chosen One is here! He fckn did it! (Challenge #300)

    Hello guys.. so long I don't post something. I don't know if you saw this video but this guy did the Challenge that a producer of Mortal Kombat said: "I want to see someone uploading the final challenge in challenge tower with a flawless victory" His video has few visits yet so... let's reward...
  7. RodozUl

    Compatibility pack #4.

    Well guys, I'm telling you what I'm thinking it will be the 4th compatibility pack. FACTS: 1. All the compatibility packs had a pair of clones whose are palette swaps. Pack 1: Cyber Ninjas Pack 2: MK2 Male Ninjas Pack 3: MK2 Female Ninjas 2. None of the compatibility packs have repeated any...
  8. RodozUl

    Request for the people who are playing the demo =)

    Please guys.. I want you to do a little thing for all the MK soundtrack lovers as me =) Could anyone of you record the new soundtrack music of the Pit Stage and for The Living Forest and put them here in some way? I would really appreciate if I could hear without interferences how are those...
  9. RodozUl

    Imageshack Issue

    Well, the problem is that by now... sometimes, the images posted here from imageshack can't be seen.. it shows the phrase "Unregistered domain. Go to to register.": instead of showing the actual image... I suggest the registration of TRMK by the owners of this domain at...
  10. RodozUl

    Fatality! (Mmmm sweet xD)

    Superb! I call it... the nutcracker xD Should this be included in MK9? :) It would be nice :P who should perform this fatality? I think it fits for Kano or Mileena ;P your toughts?
  11. RodozUl

    Let's discuss Wastelands, Courtyard and the Armory rebuilds :)

    The new representations of this levels have overwhelmed me. I'm very happy of what I'm seeing :) The art departament is doing an awesome work here. Wastelands. The concept of this stage was not just to rebuild this stage as it looked in MK2, they have developed a really impressive new...
  12. RodozUl

    There will be two versions of the Rooftop

    UPDATED: There will be two versions of the Rooftop I'm sure many of you have noticed that they shown us two versions of the Rooftops. There will be one Rooftop day (I assume that when Kahn's invasion is just starting)... And Rooftop night... where we will see a more advanced level of merging...
  13. RodozUl

    Shao Kahn.

    Well... it seems that they returned to the :hail:badass Shao Kahn design seen in the fisrt MK trailer. The other design:reddy: looks too lame to me... I would be glad to see the badass one in gameplay action.:twisted: But.. will it be sure that this will be put in the game? Is Shao Kahn still...
  14. RodozUl

    What does Sektor say?

    I can't understand the last word... I'm pretty sure that he is saying: " I will show you the real ______" The real what? It sounds like -the real "rooge"- xD The only I know is that it should be a monosyllabic word. :) The other posibility is that he would be saying: "I will show you no...
  15. RodozUl

    Two tracks of MK9 Music!

    Did you noticed that in the videos there's some music? Pay total attention on it: I'm absolutely sure that those are tracks that will be included in the game... it's difficult to hear them well, I had to use headphones to hear them better. The first one in Scorpion's video sounds greatly...
  16. RodozUl

    Dan Forden music style in MK9 :D

    I don't know if you have read this... it's a brazilian website and says interesting info that I didn't know: "the songs that play during the fights are renovated versions of compositions by Dan Forden of Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3." If that's true it would be awesome :D do you have any proof of...
  17. RodozUl

    LOL this is funny as hell! MK Halloween (Explicit Language)

    Have you seen this shit? this is too funny :D Liu Kang rules in this one ROFL!!! :hail::):):):):):):):)