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  1. xFrosty

    MK is dead except...

    So... I kinda got back into playing MK only to realize its pretty much dead now... yeah. So if anyone still plays send me a message at o Frozen x. Im not to good anymore, but I guess I can put up a decent game with Kabal, Sub, and Cyrax. But anyways hit me up on Live and we can get in some...
  2. xFrosty

    Who else is just done with this game?

    Im so done with this game. I cant take it anymore. All people do is the same spamming ********. Its hard enough trying to rush down with Sub, but the spam makes it ****ing impossible. Im only playing with trmk members and friends from now on. If anyone cant take this ******** any longer hit me...
  3. xFrosty

    What have you been dealing with lately?

    Whats been going on with online lately? I havent come across a good player in a long time. All I see are spammers and Raidens now. Im just wondering what kind of players you guys have been coming across online?
  4. xFrosty

    Everytime I pick a new character to main...

    Everytime I decide I want to main someone different I hear "ZOMG HE NEEDS NERFED OMFG NERF HIM DBHWJJEFIBEFVWO" And it pisses me off. Ive decided to main Sub-Zero,Kabal,Raiden,Scorpion,Cyrax,Kung Lao, and Jade. Heres what I hear... Sub-Zero: All I hear is "All Sub players do is hide behind ice...
  5. xFrosty

    How YOU feel about guests in MK

    I just want to know how you guys feel about guests in this game. I personally hate guests because it makes MK not MK. I will download them to give them a chance and not cheat other players out of using them, but I just dont feel like they belong in MK. I dont think they would put a guest in an...
  6. xFrosty

    Whats more preferred? Ranked or Player?

    I seem to come across people arguing over Player and Ranked matches. Just want some opinions on what you guys prefer. Im a ranked match type of player by the way, I seem to get better compitition and nobody can decline a match there.