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  1. Satyriasis

    Who is the best new MKX character?

    I love this trio..
  2. Satyriasis

    Your Final Review for MKXL..

    Hi everyone, Mortal Kombat XL is the final version of the game and i want to share my positive and negative opinions about it.. Also i wonder what is yours.. Please share when you are able to do that.. Gameplay; - I absolutely love the variation system because you have to learn over and over...
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    The King Of Fighters 2000 (Arcade Version) coming to PS4!!

    ''Slowly but surely SNK has been announcing plans to port more of its classic fighting games to modern consoles. The most recent of these, the Last Blade 2, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita on May. Hot on its heels is another classic SNK fighter from the turn of the millennium.'' Here is the...
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    Anyone Else Disappointed With the Story Mode?

    Re: Anyone else disappointed with the story? Your soul twin is here, black smurf..
  5. Satyriasis

    Your first impressions

    Finally i got my own copy. Amazing..
  6. Satyriasis

    Final Big Boss Guess - **POSSIBLE SPOLIER**

    I am not sure bro, but i have a feeling, he is coming..Also you have to watch the story mode intro (1:45)
  7. Satyriasis

    Onaga POTENTIALLY in mkx!

    Nobody knows who it is but that is amazing.
  8. Satyriasis

    Onaga POTENTIALLY in mkx!

    Re: Onaga in mkx! Who is this? Smoke perhaps.
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2 Safeties disabled, combat mode encaged..
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    Roster Size is final.

    Here is Boon's latest tweet about gamefaqs BLLSHT..
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    Blood God Revealed!!! Mortal Kombat X Comic chapter 11 says; Reiko will be the Blood God with the support of Havik. What is your thoughts? I guess Reiko is the Big Bad.
  12. Satyriasis

    Vote for MKX Main Villain

    What do you think about that '' A fun, suprise returning character '' Everyday, we look at the big bad on mk9 roster but, who is he or she.Here is the canditates; - Mileena (She has a big part of the history) - Baraka (We never heard about him until this time but i think he is the powerful...