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  1. Tim Static

    Vote for MORTAL KOMBAT on MLG's Prize Fights!

    Ok, so this is simple. MLG does a broadcast called "Prize Fights". They'll showcase a MLG game for each installment, and for the current PF, they have a poll asking if you'd like to see a MLG Prize Fight feature Soul Calibur 5, or Mortal Kombat. Dont let SCV beat MK9's butt!! We need YOU, THE...
  2. Tim Static

    Kombat Network's REVOLUTION-X is today! Stream starts at 4pm EST! Win MKAK Codes!

    Today is the day! FINALLY! The first community ran & directed MORTAL KOMBAT ONLY tournament is today, and the action begins with casuals at 4pm EST on the Kombat Network stream, The tourney action starts at or around 5pm-ish. So make sure you got all your...
  3. Tim Static

    Community Wide Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament Bans & Rules Kratos & Kratos stage are banned: randomly shakes mid match and can mess up combos amongst other things. The Street stage banned: vehicles driving by blind players from projectiles, etc. Do not use...
  4. Tim Static

    Hot Fix Part 2 - Patch Notes for Patch #2

    UPDATED 6/14 TYM has received word that these "detective notes" received by Tom Brady are "mostly accurate" and are the closest thing we have right now to the "Official" list of patch notes for the most recent update. Although an official list should be posted soon, now is a good time to...
  5. Tim Static

    Important stuff in the Krypt

    (taken from HERE @ Deadlands: 5. Jade Fatality – 1140 Kombat Coins 7. Reptile Alternate Costume - 1160 Kombat Coins 15. Johnny Cage Alternate Costume – 1200 Kombat Coins 21. Ermac Fatality – 920 Kombat Coins 28. Sheeva Alternate Costume – 1200K Kombat Coins 37. Kabal Fatality – 1040...
  6. Tim Static

    Mad Catz "COMBAT" Edition Panels for TE sticks (w/ mini review)

    You can pre-order them NOW, to ship March7th, for either 360 or PS3 I got one straight from MarkMan a couple days ago, and here is an example of what it looks like. Soon we will have a template for custom artwork, and of course you can use any color buttons or ball top/bat top sticks (i am...
  7. Tim Static

    Jade Classic Costume DLC Render Revealed
  8. Tim Static

    MK9 Action Figures?

    (Via InsideMK)
  9. Tim Static

    Mortal Kombat Pervert

    Another gem from Dorkly Bits!
  10. Tim Static

    Friendship Regretted!
  11. Tim Static

    Star Wars Complete Saga coming to Blu-Ray in September 2011

    HOLY SWEET ****ING YES!!! :hail::hail::hail::hail::hail:
  12. Tim Static

    High-Definition Frustration

    Check out this cool article my buddy Storm's wrote over at TYM:
  13. Tim Static

    Pioneering Games Developer Killed in Hit-and-Run

    (taken from RIP :( I'll keep this thread updated!
  14. Tim Static

    MMA Kombat

  15. Tim Static

    After the Fatality

  16. Tim Static

    More info about the new MK9 TE stick

    (Taken from
  17. Tim Static

    Price Levels for MK9 Kollector's and Tournament Editions (Official)

    Single MK9 game: $59.99 Kollector's Edition: $99.99 Tournament Edition: $149.99
  18. Tim Static

    New Ed Boon interview with

    via :)
  19. Tim Static

    UMK3 Results @ Season's Beatings: Redemption Oct 16/17, 2010 - Columbus, Ohio

    This past weekend, Season's Beatings: Redemption, one of the largest fighting game tournaments was held here in Columbus, Ohio. And of course, Ultimate MK3 was there in full force, on not one, but 2 cabs. And one of the cabs (mine!) had 2 PSX wired via the control panel for pad players as well...
  20. Tim Static

    Never Forget.

    Hope all you, who live here in the United States of America, regardless if you werent born here or whatever.....i hope you all took time to reflect on today, the 9 year anniversary of September 11, 2001. Dont ever forget those who died for going to work that morning, or who were taken hostage...