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  1. Dr Doggystyle

    MK Kollector (Joe) Huge MK Kollection

    In this topic i will post a lot of pictures of the Huge MK Kollection of my friend Joe a.k.a MK Kollector. In my opinion he had the most MK merchandise i have ever seen and way long before i started collecting. How i met MK Kollector ? Back in 2006 i saw his website for the first time and i saw...
  2. Dr Doggystyle

    MK Trilogy RC Jax Hummer

    Does anybody know where the MK Trilogy Remote Control Jax Hummer comes from ? Does it appear in a comic or game or was it created because there already was a Kombat Cycle with Kano, a Dragon MK1 with Reptile & a Dragon Wing with Shang Tsung ? hope that any knows it here a picture of the Jax RC...
  3. Dr Doggystyle

    Mini 18" Tall Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine

    i saw this on ebay (hope this is posted in the right section) : Mini 18" Tall Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine This one of a kind piece was completely constructed by myself from MDF board, hand painted black with laminated stickers on sides, marquee, control area and for the bezel. The unit...
  4. Dr Doggystyle

    Dr Doggystyle's MK Collection

    Dr Doggystyle's Huge MK Collection Hello TRMK members, i don't know if this is the right section for this, but i wanted to share my MK collection with all of you MK fans. i want to share my huge MK Kollection with all of you MK fans. First a short introduction of myself : My name is Bryan...