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  1. Reptil3

    Goro's Variations Discussion Thread

    So i've been thinking about this since he was revealed but i haven't really seen much discussion on the topic of Goro's Variations :/ So to kick start things i have a few key points/questions. - Is Goro's moveset too limited to have 3 variations? - Which of his moves should be universal? - Do...
  2. Reptil3

    Scorpion Character Progression/Direction

    So basically seeing that there is a large majority of folks who are just plain tried of the continuation of the rivalry between Scorpion vs Sub zero bros i thought i'd make this thread. Scorpion has only had one goal in mind and that was to kill Bi-Han, NRS then extended this rivalry with the...
  3. Reptil3

    What is next for Goro?

    So talk about Goro has been pretty quiet lately and rightfully so since we haven't had any additional info since the reveal. We all know that Goro is a pre-order DLC and likely won't have much involvement if any in the story mode.. Regardless, Goro is one of the original characters of the...
  4. Reptil3

    What should Quan Chi's 2nd Fatality be?

    So I thought this might be a topic a lot would like to discuss if not now at least later down the track. Historically Quan Chi has been a hit and miss when it comes to fatalities.. One of the most iconic fatalities of the series the leg rip was amazing (I still prefer the MK4 version i feel it...
  5. Reptil3

    Your Ideal Roster for MKX

    I left out some of my favourites for the sake of storyline purposes... if you want to or don't want to that's totally your choice. I'm sure this will start some flame wars but just chill and just write what you would like your MKX roster to look like. (I'm assuming the roster size will be...
  6. Reptil3

    Which Arenas would you like to see in MKX?

    Couldn't see a similar thread in this sub section and if there is it died long ago.. so i thought i'd go ahead and make this. Love what we've seen from them so far with new darker themed arenas like the Cove and the outworld marketplace in particular. With that being said there are some arenas...
  7. Reptil3

    What would rather see?

    What would u rather see? What would u rather see and what do you think we will get today for fatality friday? Mkast? :hail: new vignette? Game Play video? Wallpaper? you can turn this into a poll if u like anyone think we wont get anything?