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  1. Abhishek Gangulee

    Red Xenomorph

    The new MK video-games offer awesome and offbeat fighting characters or avatars including Jason Voorhees and the Xenomorph (from the Alien sci-fi horror films), so I thought I'd offer up a special MK-fanfiction about the nonstandard Red Xenomorph making its way onto a new human gaming platform...
  2. Abhishek Gangulee

    Kitana's Government

    Kitana is my favorite MK female character, so I decided to devote a special section describing her potential future 'reign' over Outworld under the tutelage of the original MK tournament champion, Raiden (god of lighting!). Thanks for reading, ==== "Kitana was appointed to become the Queen...
  3. Abhishek Gangulee

    Raiden and Scarlet

    I've always been a big fan of the Mortal Kombat character Raiden (god of lightning) and consider him a true mainstay of the iconic video game franchise which now includes full-length films. This short-story about Raiden falling in love with a female swordsman and sorceress named Scarlet...
  4. Abhishek Gangulee

    The Dinotopia Chatroom: MK/TrumpUSA

    The development of solar powerhailed in a new age of 'energy engineering' which followed Industrialization and complemented reports of global warming. The modern world is network-based (e.g., European Union, NATO, Wall Street, UN, Facebook, etc., etc.). We think about 'coordination elegance'...
  5. Abhishek Gangulee

    Raiden and Mileena

    I've always been fascinated by the offbeat characterizations of the ascension of the Mortal Kombat avatar Raiden (God of Thunder and master of lightning/electricity) and the rage-intrigue surrounding the Mortal Kombat avatar Mileena (evil twin sister of Princess Kitana), so here's a realm-tale...