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  1. nightbreed_16

    Create your own Injustice 2 intro dialogues

    Just create what intro dialogues you wish were in the game. I will keep editing this as time goes by. Supergirl : Forget your past Kal-El Superman : I can't I killed Billy he was just a kid. Supergirl : You weren't yourself get over it. Atrocitus : If you don't join us your planet will die...
  2. nightbreed_16

    Captain America 3 Civil War

    Let's discuss anything about the movie and also I have the new trailer for you to see.
  3. nightbreed_16

    Klassic Fatality Pack 3 and 4 could still happen.

    The reason why I am posting this is people on youtube saw at one time Mileena had four spots in her coding for her fatalities which she may get another Klassic one. So what are your thoughts on who may get one or who is going to get a second Klassic Fatality ? My guesses is Quan Chi's Neck...
  4. nightbreed_16

    Patching In New Intros ?

    Do you guys think that they are going to patch in the newer intros that are in the MKX beta because I noticed a lot of players are finding new intros in the beta and posting them on youtube ? What are your thought guys and gals ? I really hope they do even though some of them are down right...
  5. nightbreed_16

    MK XL Stage Fatalities

    Is everyone excited they are more than one stage fatality in MKX or just excited they are even in the game period ? I am so freaking excited and I hope they are amazing. I just want to hear everyone's feedback on this awesome revival of a favorite finishing move. If you have any ideas to what...