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  1. poptdp

    2 questions about Kano

    1. Was he a good guy in Mortal Kombat 1? I mean I know he's not a good guy but was he fighting for Earthrealm against Shang Tsung? 2. How does a crime boss of the Black Dragon find the time to work out at the gym and get a body like Kano has in MKX?? As seen with Tony Soprano and the Godfather...
  2. poptdp

    Anyone prefer MK9 over MKX?

    Title. I like the setting of MK9 better, the roster and also the fact that the story is based on the MK1-3 tournaments. It has nicer stages too (shang tsung's island, courtyard, the subway, etc). For MKX, I like the darker and grittier feel, the brutality and sound effects of the combos and...
  3. poptdp

    MKX Save Transfer Between Platforms?

    Hey guys. I am a PC player on MKX, and for obvious reasons I intend to buy on xbone. But I also don't want to lose my PC save. Does anyone know if the save is saved to the cloud via WBPlay ID and if it will transfer everything? or will it only transfer minimal things like...
  4. poptdp

    Brutality requirements not accurate?

    I have noticed with a few of the Bruatlity Requirements that you see in the finishing move section, they aren't always accurate. For example, I noticed with Liu Kang's fireball to the head brutality, it says "interact with 3 stage interactibles" but it is actually not required. You simple need...
  5. poptdp

    What character+variation will you main?

    I know the game isn't out yet and your opinions are subject to change once you get your hands on the game. But from what you've seen, which character will you main and which variation looks the most fun? My main will def be Liu Kang, because favourite character. Variation probably Dragons Fire...
  6. poptdp

    I just got HANDS ON with Mortal Kombat X

    Hey guys. Here in Australia, we had a gaming expo and a demo of Mortal Kombat X was playable. I lined up and played it 3 times for 10 mins each time. Important note: DO NOT READ ON UNLESS YOU WANT SPOILERS OF MOVES/FATALITIES/ETC Now, the roster consisted of Scorpion, Sub Zero, Kotal Kahn...
  7. poptdp

    POLL: Which platform are you getting MKX for?

    I know this question has already been asked here: BUT, since that thread is going to get extremely packed and I'm sure people don't want to scroll through however many pages it becomes to count exactly how many...
  8. poptdp

    In preparation for Mortal Kombat X...

    I've made a new video. Took me quite a few days to make. I mainly made it for myself, kind of as a farewell to Mortal Kombat 9, but I thought you guys might be interested in seeing it and thought I'd share it with you guys :) It's a montage of combos by every character in MK9 (all performed by...
  9. poptdp

    Poll - Shang Tsung's Morph Ability

    In your opinion, how should Shang Tsung's morph ability work? Should he: a) have no morph at all (MK:DA) b) only morph into opponent (MK9) c) choose 3 characters beforehand to morph into (MK:T) d) able to morph into anyone (UMK3) do not take the damage boost into account. assume it is entirely...
  10. poptdp

    Liu Kang vs Shang Tsung - Combo Battle

    Hey guys, I was thinking of some unique videos to make for Mortal Kombat on Youtube that hasn't been made before and I came up with the first ever "Combo Battle" I pretty much pit two fighters against each other (in this case Liu Kang and Shang Tsung), perform all...
  11. poptdp

    Trolling Shao Kahn
  12. poptdp

    Liu Kang + Shang Tsung Tag Ladder Expert

    Hey guys, I have a new vid of me doing Tag Ladder on Expert with no rounds lost. I'm kinda trying to get a youtube page slowly going, so even if you guys aren't interested in watching could you click it just so I can get some views?? (also subscribe if you are...
  13. poptdp

    Anyone in Australia have MK9 on PC ???

    Hey guys, So I got Mortal Kombat on Steam on PC. and for some reason, EVERY TIME I connect with or find another player, after a few seconds at the character select screen, I get: The game session is unavailable and it drops out... seriously this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I find a player. I...
  14. poptdp

    Challenge #300 w/Shang Tsung (no retries)

    Hey guys, I made a new vid with fraps, showing me take on challenge #300 of the challenge tower with Shang Tsung with no retries (since retrying makes the match easier and allows you to regenerate health between fights). It's by no means perfect or flawless, I just thought it would be fun to...
  15. poptdp

    What DON'T you want to see in MK10?

    We already have a thread for your wishlist for MK10. but what would you NOT want to see in it? Personally, things I don't want to see: 1. a reduced roster 2. change of costume design (additions are welcome) 3. shao kahn (story) reasons: the roster for MK9 for me was PERFECT. it had every...
  16. poptdp

    My Mortal Kombat 9 Combo Montage

    hello fellow Kombatants. so recently I acquired Fraps and thought the first game I have to make a gameplay video for is for my favourite, Mortal Kombat. It's my first video so it may not be the best, it's just me messing around with some of my favourite characters and favourite combos (a lot of...
  17. poptdp

    Poll: MK9 Story mode or Deception's Konquest?

    Mortal Kombat 2011 story mode involved cutscenes, fights, and allowed you to control different characters for each "chapter", which involved about 4 fights each (with the cutscenes in between) MK: Deception Konquest mode had you playing as a single character, Shujinko, for the whole story. It...
  18. poptdp

    Random Select DLC Kharacters?

    I was just wondering if random selecting at the player select screen ever lands on the DLC characters? It hasn't so far for me, but I do know you can verse them in the arcade ladder.
  19. poptdp

    Best. Alternate. Ever.?

    Regarding the achievement... Who do you think REALLY has the best alternate ever? My vote would have to go to Shang tsung's. It's so bad a,ss!! Followed closely by Raiden's
  20. poptdp

    "My Kung Fu Is Stronger" EXPLOITS

    This is the final achievement that I got. I have a life, as do many of you, so I'm sure most of you won't be getting this the "legit" way. I know that with enough poking around you can find out how to get this quicker, but to make it easy for all of you, it is all gathered for you here in this...