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  1. Misucra

    Mortal Kombat X Street Fighter (MisuCra) Fan Fic

    Ok before I start. Here are the few things. 1. I am fully aware of the amount of MKxSF fan fictions on the internet. Tons of them, but I wanted to try my hand in it. 2. This is a practice writing, as I am writing a different book, so this story serves as experimental grounds where I test...
  2. Misucra

    First Assault Ghost in the Shell game Discussion.

    Guys did you see this? I don't know, how about you, but I felt like watching Live Action "The Last Airbender" all over again.
  3. Misucra

    Steam Gift Cards

    OK Ignore what I wrote here. Admin feel free to delete the thread.
  4. Misucra

    MK Artwork (MisuCra)

    Few people suggested for me to put my MK artworks here. I will post these first and after I will post the rest. Need to finish one MK animation first. First Tanya and now... the "Journey of Frost" The Very first sketch: Idea for Mask: Body sketch: Test Artworks: The only comic...
  5. Misucra

    Mortal Kombat X PC List of glitches, errors, etc.

    No one created a thread like this (Which is very needed), so I decided to make one myself. I am also aware that there is a thread for MKX PC, but I am gonna post here a list of all known glitches, issues, bugs and so on. Feel free to add yours. My goal here is to mark all known issues and push...
  6. Misucra

    Frost for MKX

    Ok. I bet my ass this isn't gonna be popular opinion... but forums are made for that. It would be cool if Netherrealm added Frost for MKX. Now I know that in MKDA, MKD and MKA she was basically just a copy paste of subzero. Only difference being that she is female and has frozen hair. Even so...
  7. Misucra

    Misucra Mortal Kombat 9 PC Skins/Mods

    This thread is dedicated to Mortal Kombat 9 PC skins and mods. I will upload all skins (made by me) here. Soon I should start also uploading edited mesh mods for MK9 too. Right now don't expect anything very awesome, but color swaps. Even so I believe these skins should change a bit your MK9...