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  1. MitsuharuSan

    Someone trying to log in with my account - WTF?

    I come back home after a long day, connect to my e-mail and there it is: a message from TRMK telling me that someone tried to log in with my account and got the password wrong 5 times. IP was What in the blue hell?! Seriously, what the hell? Did any of you good people ever went...
  2. MitsuharuSan

    (Possible spoilers) So, new info we can gather from the achievements...

    Let's make a thread for the new info and discuss it. From the recently revealed achievements, for example, we now know that The Krypt will be back: There are secret battles in tower mode...
  3. MitsuharuSan

    PS3/X360 versions - do they even exist?!

    Howdy! You know, there's something that is really bothering me: we're a month from the game's release and there's not even a friggin' single screen of the PS3/X360 versions. I'm still on PS3 (with so much stuff to "put in place" in my life, living in an awful country like Brazil, the last thing...
  4. MitsuharuSan


    Don't get me wrong, but... Maybe that's a sign that you're not paying attention enough to the character to understand him. lol