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  1. wearemanyyouarebut1

    marcus fenix may be coming to the relm of mortal kombat

    well so heres the post of what ed said RT @Nemo_Griffin @noobde What would've been the Microsoft exclusive if you had a choice? Noobde: I wudda wanted Marcus Fenix from Gears. and here is what cliff blenszinski said @therealcliffyb @noobde Hit me up about that!
  2. wearemanyyouarebut1

    micro heroes

    welcome to thiss thread this is mortal kombat micro heroes
  3. wearemanyyouarebut1

    my wish list for ultimate mortal kombat 9

    this is my wishlist for umk9 if they make one tell me if u like them or give me some suggestions
  4. wearemanyyouarebut1

    my soul calibur 4 creations my artwork and my edits

    to start it off this is the sand ninja but he started of hotaru my drawings skarlet and frost if you have any request feel free to ask Please use the edit button, thanks!
  5. wearemanyyouarebut1

    mk9 for the wii or wii u

    who would u want for the guest character if they made a wii version of mk9