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  1. Immortal Reaver

    My MK3 Cyrax Cosplay

    Hey guys! Long time no talk. I figured now would be a good time to stop by and drop off some pictures of my most recent cosplay. It's not done and still needs work, but enjoy! Also catch me on Instagram if you'd like. Same name.
  2. Immortal Reaver

    The Squirrelpion Appreciation Thread

    This thread is dedicated to everyone's favorite furry ninja. Recently I private messaged some people because I was sending out a Christmas card and wanted to let people chime in and I'd write down what they would say. Thanks to everyone that helped out. I couldn't get everybody though. So I...
  3. Immortal Reaver

    Sub-Zero's Ice Clone doesn't work properly.

    Not as godly as people have made it out to be, hmmm? Good example of letting a game evolve before asking for patches.
  4. Immortal Reaver

    New Ermac tech discovered!

    I've spent the last few days in the lab with Ermac. I found a potentially game-breaking move that NRS should fix. I don't want the tournaments to run rampant with this tech. Hopefully NRS includes a fix for this when the patch comes out on Xbox...
  5. Immortal Reaver

    Patch Notes 5-14-15

  6. Immortal Reaver

    How to play as Jason RIGHT NOW!

    I play on Xbox, so this is from my point of view. -Load up MKX -From the main menu, press Y to go to the store -Go to Kombat Pass, then install all of it. -Load up MKX and go into Practice -Select any two characters and any stage. -During the loading screen, do a soft reset on your Xbox...
  7. Immortal Reaver

    Secret Brutalities!!

    Some characters have hidden Brutalities in MKX. Have you found any?
  8. Immortal Reaver

    Double koins, this weekend only.

    except that when I go to the living towers, it says they aren't available. I finally get it to work and I don't get double koins. So how's the MKX beta going for you guys?
  9. Immortal Reaver

    Game-Breaking KOTH Exploit

    I will post this clip proving it once it processes.... but I was just in a KOTH lobby and I wait my turn to fight this guy. I notice something weird at first. There are the two player slots where it shows the two people that will be playing. The very top guy was still up there and AFK. I wait...
  10. Immortal Reaver

    Jacqui Meterless Vortex

    Vigilante_FireDragon BBBLP
  11. Immortal Reaver

    "Keep it Secret" Achievement/Trophy

    "Find a secret fight in the Living Towers" As of this post, it's saying that no players have unlocked this. Who do you guys think the secret fight is? Maybe someone from MK4. Reiko, Kai, Meat? Flesh Pits Bo' Rai Cho?
  12. Immortal Reaver

    MKX, more casual than MK9?

    So I'm looking at the in-game frame data, which may be off. but I'm noticing that almost nothing is positive on block. Most things on block are always negative. Some things being insanely negative. Quan Chi's trance is -47 on block. I'm having a hard time pressuring people in this game. It seems...
  13. Immortal Reaver

    Coarse Scorpion Figure

    So I was watching this unboxing video, and noticed that something looked kind of off about the figure. I go back to look at the original pictures, and realize that the paint job is pretty different than what they promised. It's more of a glossy yellow instead of gold. It doesn't look bad how it...
  14. Immortal Reaver

    Shao kahn leaked in flemish magazine as final boss of mkx!!

    According to a Flemish magazine called Knack, the final boss in MKX is none other than Shao Kahn, who turns out to be unlockable after finishing storymode. The magazine's website is flooded is taking forever to load, but i managed to get this screencap: Whadda think...
  15. Immortal Reaver

    Tekken 7

    I never really got into Tekken much. I played the classics here and there at friends houses but never got super into it. Tekken 7 looks pretty interesting. I hope it turns out well. I might pick it up if it is good. But how "hard" is the game? I feel like MK is overall fairly easy to play, at...
  16. Immortal Reaver

    Help Make MKX Banners For TRMK

    Can we update the banners to MKX? I could help make them if you tell me the measurements and what file type you want.
  17. Immortal Reaver

    MKX DLC - Is it enough? (DLC/Costume Spoilers)

    So now that MKX has gone gold, and we're getting a lot of information about DLC and such, do you guys feel like it's an adequate amount of DLC? I have mixed feelings on what I have seen so far. I want Jason and Predator in, but I don't like the fact that two of the 4 DLC characters are guests...
  18. Immortal Reaver

    Cold War Scorpion Picture

    EDIT 2: Definitely a generic costume. Here is Kold War Scorpion EDIT: Apparenly this is probably just a generic costume, as MasterMinion pointed this out. at 0:31
  19. Immortal Reaver

    Reptile got the shaft, again.

    How do you guys feel about Reptile so far? I was really hoping that NRS would put him in a better spotlight this time around, but that doesn't seem like the case. Most of his overall design just feels extremely uninspired. Don't get me wrong, he does look decent. but there are aspects of him...
  20. Immortal Reaver

    Character Position Controlling

    I was watching this video, and noticed that Cassie Cage dropped D'Vorah to the ground, then ran at her while D'Vorah was on the ground. It pushed her closer to the corner. Not exactly sure how I feel about this, but I think it shouldn't be in. It's kind of like Kabal's AA Nomad Dash, how you can...